A to Z Parenting Tips: How to Teach Your Child Originality

As we continue in the series of A to Z of parenting tips, this week we will take a look at how to teach our children ‘Originality’. Last week we took a look at how to teach our children to Navigate through Life and Circumstances



Celebrate and Appreciate Their Individual Uniqueness

Every child is born special, every child is born unique. The first step to teaching a child originality is that each child should be taught to celebrate her uniqueness. No matter their physical make up whether tall or short, fat or slim, fair skinned or dark, they should celebrate who they are. If a child doesn’t learn to appreciate him/herself now, she may spend the rest of her life trying to be like someone else. If your child is not taught early to love and celebrate him or herself first, then they shouldn’t expect anyone else to do so either.

Embrace their Strengths and Work On their Weaknesses

Children should be taught to embrace their individual strengths (things they are naturally good at, have a passion for or take interest in) and also work on their weaknesses (bad habits and fears). As parents, once we are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our children, we can look at practical ways to enhance their strengths.  A child who likes reading can be encouraged with both academic and other materials like magazines, biographies, journals etc. Exposure to other material keeps the child balanced and well rounded in other areas. On the other hand, if the same child probably finds it hard to keep his/her room clean, they can be encouraged to get a new book if they clean their room consistently or get them to come up with a creative way to get it done.

Have a Positive Attitude

Some children tend to become quite discouraged when faced with the slightest opposition and challenge. In most cases, it is the attitude when faced with challenges that can be ‘stepping stones to greatness’ in disguise. Children should always be encouraged to be creative and to see what they can learn from situations and challenges. For example when a child falls down do not scold the floor, rather make your child feel better first but then have a word with him or her to be more careful. Refer to Teach your children to Navigate through Life and Circumstances

Ensure Originality

Our children should be taught to digest everything and reflect, dedicate everything and recover, demolish everything and rebuild, delete everything and reproduce, decide everything and respond, disregard everything and remember, draw everything and rest. These are things that build individual uniqueness features in every child.

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God is The Source

God is the one who gives creativity and talents. We should always remember that every child was created for a definite and distinct purpose. The ability of that child to connect with his/her God-given destiny would to a large extent determine the success of the child. You can never be someone else, so be the best you, you can be.

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