A to Z of Parenting Tips: How To Raise Children Filled With Wisdom

Our children will grow in wisdom, stature, and favor before God and man. We can all say Amen to this prayer. As part of our A to Z of Parenting tips series, we are looking at how to raise children filled with wisdom. Can Wisdom be taught or is it inborn?


Modeling Wisdom Starts With You

What does it mean to be wise? There is not one perfect answer. Wisdom is the ability to make appropriate decisions in different circumstances. Wisdom is an idea rather than something concrete, so modeling wisdom through examples of good, better and best behavior is the best place to begin. Showing your child the difference between wise and inappropriate decisions — and the consequences of each — helps him get a sense of what wisdom looks like. The best thing to ask your child is “was that a wise decision?” It starts to give them the idea that choosing the appropriate behavior is a choice they have.

Parents are the best source to model how to make the right decisions and wise decisions. You can also let them see how you think through your actions.

stop and think

Teach them to STOP and THINK 

When children are encouraged to stop and think they grow up to become mature and responsible adults. Every decision whether urgent or not should be carefully thought out and well communicated before an action is taken. The attitude they exhibit when making decisions for small matters is the same attitude they will exhibit when making decisions on more important issues. From the choices of what clothes to wear to what University to attend, you can be rest assured that they will always make the right choice.

Set High Standards

Parents should have expectations for their children. Some of these expectations should include their character and their ability to make the right decisions most of the time. When you talk to them in an empowering way and share your belief in them to take the right decisions, they grow up with this ability to know how to think.

When you give your children knowledge, you are telling them what to think. But when you teach them Wisdom you are teaching them how to get their own truth. [Read: Teach Children to Be Victorious]
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Sharing Stories 

Share stories to teach children about wisdom and equip them to seek wisdom. The Bible is full of stories that you can share with your children that show the importance of being wise and making the right choices. Solomon is always a great example to share with children, when he had the chance to ask God for anything, he asked for wisdom. God was so pleased that he added more to him which included wealth, popularity, and success. God puts high values on wisdom!

Aesop’s Fables are also fantastic stories to share with children, the great thing about the stories is that children can easily follow and there is always a lesson at the end of each story to discuss. Talk to your child about wisdom in terms of the choices different characters made and have them give you their thoughts. Ask the question ‘was that a wise decision?” or “what would you have done?” Get a copy here (Kindle version) and (Paper copy)

Teach Them The Power Of Words

Equip your children daily with the truth from the Bible so that they can speak the right words as it concerns them and their lives. I believe there is power in the words that you speak and children can be taught early to imbibe this. Wisdom is also a prayer point and they can and should ask for God to grant them wisdom on a daily basis to make the right decision.

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