5 Electronics Appliances to have at Home this Christmas

It is close to that time of year, shopping for Christmas and New Year gifts! Great home appliances are available to make chores and activities easier in the home. Shopping online for these appliances makes it easier to shop all round; and there are several home appliance products to buy from online platforms for delivery to our doorsteps to start Christmas shopping early.

The Jumia Nigeria Black Friday online shopping event offers special discounts on products on the Jumia platform for all customers. Black friday offers start on the 6th of November and end on the 29th of November 2020. Deals are still ongoing, so start shopping now to get the best deals for home appliances in the market this season.

Here is a list of appliances to have at home for the festive season


Product available on Jumia

The blender as a kitchen appliance is important in every home. This serves the purpose of mashing, grinding, and liquefying food ingredients. It can be used for vegetables, roughages, fruits, and so on; used as a processor for byproducts such as smoothies and pastes for cooking. Also, have smaller compartments for grinding dry food products such as beans and seeds.


appliances to have at home this christmas

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Also known as the juice extractor is used to press and squeeze the juice out of fruits and vegetables. They can also be used as food processors, in ways such as making soft baby food, grinding coffee, and so on. They can also be used for making smoothies.

Egg Cooker

Appliances to have at Home this Christmas

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Instead of waiting for water to boil, the electric egg cooker can be used to steam your eggs and time them so they are not under or overcooked. They are capable of cooking up to 6 eggs at a time and get you a nice batch of perfectly cooked eggs.

Bread Maker

Appliances to have at Home this Christmas

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This is an electric home appliance that can be used to bake bread from raw ingredients. They are very suitable for home use, with ingredients at everyone’s preference, unlike the commercial bread. They are full-fledged automated and capable of functioning without been monitored.

Ice Cream Maker

ice cream maker

Product available on Jumia

This a machine that makes ice cream in small proportions for consumption at home. This is ideal for the family during this festive period as dessert. It is a portable appliance that mixes different flavors of ingredients to bring out the ideal flavor, also low on power consumption.

What other electric home appliances would you suggest for the festive period? Share with us. Also, for more, visit the Product Review Category.

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