Black Friday deals for your Babies and Toddlers

There are things to consider when it comes to shopping for your babies and toddlers as Christmas is approaching; especially during this Black Friday deals season. Shopping online gives a lot of options but also brings with the difficulty of deciding on the things to get. We at Lagosmums can help in this regard by narrowing down your choices with these fun, exciting, and innovative presents for your young children. With the Jumia Black Friday deals going on up until the 29th of November, we suggest buying your products at much more affordable prices as soon as possible!

Also for parents outside of Nigeria, don’t feel left out, as we will be linking you up with our shop on amazon to get your baby and toddler products delivered to you. Here are the things you can get for your child for this holiday season.

Number and Shape Matching Educational Toy

Black friday deals for your babies and toddlers

Product available on Jumia

This educational toy is a good starter for our babies who just started learning. It is a wooden matching  board with different colours, shapes, patterns, and numbers; to make it convenient for babies to learn. It is good for brain development exercises and digital matching cognition for our future Gen Z. It is a durable product, with high quality and inexpensive that your baby will enjoy and learn with.

Learning Tablet

Black friday deals for your babies and toddlers

Product available on Jumia

This a good educational and innovative toy for your toddler this Christmas holiday. It is a touch screen tablet with many hands-on educational features to prepare your child for the digital world. Its features are for learning words, spelling, vocabulary developments, and mathematical examples; also used for music development and for setting quizzes for your child. This is the ideal educational product for your child as it’s fun, exciting; and allows for academic growth and excellence.

For our parents and guardians outside the country, here is a category of things you can get for your babies and toddlers on Amazon

Books for 0 – 5 year olds

Black friday deals for your babies and toddlers

Product available on LagosMums Amazon shop

These are recommended books that your children will need for basic learning as they grow up. Picture books for your babies and books with learning words for your toddlers with help aid their development and be exciting at the same time. This will enable them to become book lovers as they grow up.

Educational Toys

Product available on Lagosmums Amazon shop

Children learn best through play, shop online for educational toys for them to be cognitive learners. There are different types of toys for both genders to play with, from puzzles to builders, to digital and computing skills.

Do you have more products for babies and toddlers in mind? If you do, kindly share them with us. Also, kindly visit our Product Review Category for other types of products for the family

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