Are You Set to Flourish?

Are you Set to Flourish? What does it mean to flourish? Flourishing means peace, or shalom, in every direction. shalom means universal flourishingwholeness, and delight (blog.tifwe)

FlourishBiblical flourishing encompasses all of our being, including our material, psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects. Cultural flourishing on the other hand tends to be somewhat incomplete by focusing primarily on our material prosperity with its false hope of happiness.

Further, true flourishing as God intends is distinct from mans views because it is available to all people: men and women, children and adults, educated and illiterate, rich and poor. So are you set to flourish? There is no limitation.

We should understand that to flourish means to blossom, thrive, to have ultimate peace and to know that God has promised that we will flourish as we serve him. Armed with this understanding you have a knowing that there is no limitation. Flourishing is not just for some areas in your life but for all areas.

When we are flourishing the dry places will flourish. Every dry place in our lives should flourish! (Isaiah 35:7)

We need to understand the promises

The godly will flourish like palm trees (be long-lived, stately, upright, useful, and fruitful) and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon (majestic, stable, durable, and incorruptible). We will flourish in the courts of our God. We shall still bear fruit in old age we shall be fresh and flourishing. (Psalm 92:12-14)

We need to understand the warning 

When we do flourish and are brought into a place of plenty, God warns us not to forget the Lord our God who gives the ability to be wealthy (Deuteronomy 8:10-12,18)

We need to claim it for our family

Lord God of Abraham indeed bless me, bless my descendants (Genesis 26:24)

God says that young men will thrive on abundant grain (plenty), young women will flourish on new wine (prosperity) (Zechariah 9:17)

Our sons will flourish in their youth like well nurtured plants and our daughters like graceful pillars carved to beautify a place (plants and pillars are images of strength and beauty) (Psalm 144:12)

To flourish we must trust in God and we will flourish like leaves in spring (Proverbs 11:28)

God promises that those who follow the Lord will enjoy the fruit of their labour and will be prosperous. Our spouses will be like a fruitful grapevine flourishing within our home. Our children will be like rigorous young olive tress and will sit around our table. We will live to enjoy our grandchildren. This is the Lords blessing for those who fear him. (Psalm 128:3 -6)

The tent of the godly will flourish (Proverbs 14:11)

When we flourish we give God the glory 

We will flourish….everyone will see the Lords hand of blessing on us (Isaiah 66:14)

We must stand firm on the truth 

We are reminded that though wicked people appear to flourish, it is fleeting and will disappear, however when you look at those who are honest and good, a wonderful future awaits them. The flourishing of the godly is not temporary rather the future is bright (Psalm 37:35)

We flourish regardless of the circumstances 

Particularly relevant at this time of elections and uncertainty of new leaders, we should know that we will flourish during the reign of the king (any physical ruler) our prosperity is forever (not dependent on who wins or who is the physical leader of the Nation). (Psalm 72:7)

Have a fresh and flourishing Year and Life ahead of you! Amen

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