Do You Know That God Has Gifts For You

God has gifts for every single person. The question is whether or not you are aware of what gifts he has in store for you. In John 4:10, Jesus said “If you only knew the gift God has for you”. So what would you do if you understood all the gifts that God has for you.

God has gifts for you through every season. Every season has its needs and God will always equip those who seek him earnestly with what each person needs.

To achieve what you need to, you have to say and see things from the perspective of God. You cannot afford to see things from what is going on according to the World’s view or to be discouraged. To have prophetic activation you have to speak according to God’s word and according to God’s plan for you. Prophetic activation lets you know that in the midst of everything God has set you apart.

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Speak it – The Power of Words

You have to speak what you want to happen. You have to voice the things The Lord has spoken onto you.

When the disciples were in the boat even as Jesus was there, the storm raged. This means that even while you are flourishing it does not mean that there will not be issues, it does not mean that different challenges will not come. What we are reminded of is that through it all you have to speak God’s word into every situation. When Jesus calmed the wind it settled down so you must speak, If you do not speak situations will not change. You have to speak to the mountain to move it, the smallest amount of faith can change situations.  To change things in the atmosphere you have to speak (Matthew 17:20)

Speak to your morning. When you wake up, speak to the day declare that today goodness and mercy must follow me. Get into the habit of speaking into all the things you are going to do. As you go to a business meeting say you will have favour.

Teach your mouth to say what God says not what the circumstances around you say. Everything answers to the word of God. The elements, your body, circumstances, everything. Understand that you are more than a conqueror, you are bold, you are an overcomer and so you are victorious.

Give Gods word back to him when you have to level that mountain before you. Whatever is not of God you pull down, then you build by the words of God. What has God said? activate it with your mouth. The only thing the enemies hear is the word. The Lord says “only by the word of God”. The enemy does not hear the tears or the weeping but will retreat from the word of God. When you face the enemy and say “God says” the enemy retreats when he knows you know what you are saying. (Jeremiah 1:8-10)

[How well do you use what God has given you?]

Jabez asked God to change his situation. If he did not speak nothing would have happened. Peter only stopped sinking when he walked on water after he called out to Jesus. You can either keep sinking or speak God’s word to be saved. Ezekiel spoke to the dry desolate bones and they came back to life.

You cannot afford to be quiet. Speak the right things. To speak the right things. You must know the word and speak the word.

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God is saying that as you speak and declare he will bring to pass all the things he wants to. (Jer 33:3)

What authority do you have? What right do you have to flourish? Because The Lord says so. The earth is meant to yield fruit to you. Everything hears the word of God. The angels in heaven are receiving the things you say into a bowl, mix it with fire and God releases it back onto earth.

Remember the joy of The Lord is your strength. #SpeakIt #SayIt

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