Back to School Hairstyles for Black Girls

Black girl hairstyles Bubble Twists
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Here are some back to school hairstyles for black girls. It is so important to be careful what styles you are making for your daughter. The right protective styles are important so that you protect your child’s hair. Things to avoid are; perming and putting a relaxer in their hair, making tight styles that cut their delicate hairlines and edges, using extensions that pull the hair from the root and using heavy beads that pull the hair down.

There is so much inspiration and several top hairstyles from Instagram and pinterest.

Hairstyles for Black Girls
  1. Shuku Twist  black girl hair styles Shuku
  2. Bubble Twist 
  3. Simple Twists 
  4. Weaving (Patewo)black girls hairtsyle Patewo
  5. Simple cute stylehairstyle for black girls simple
  6. Nice braids
  7. Nice flat twist updo (bronnernaturals)hair twist style black girls
  8. Thread hair style ( black hairHere are some inspirations for you. remember that your child is tender headed, reduce the tears during hair time by keeping natural hair wet and well moisturized with the right products.
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