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Budget Friendly Fun things to do with the Family this Weekend

Thank God It’s Friday! Are you looking forward to having a great time with your family this weekend after all the Detty December expenses and paying school fees? It’s time to get creative. Here are budget friendly things you can do with the kids this weekend.

Watch a movie together

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You can either go out to watch a movie together or watch a movie in the house. Make it a bonding activity as a family. Turn your living room into a semi movie theatre and watch a movie together as a family. You can go all the way and buy some popcorn to go with it.

Get Cooking

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Kids especially love making pie crusts, biscuits, and pizza, because they can squish the dough with their fingers. Watching yeasty dough rise and then punching it down is especially entertaining. Teach them how to make some really great meals. Visit LagosMums Recipe category for some ideas on yummy meals you can cook together.

Take up a New Hobby

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Learn a new skill with your child, such as painting, swimming, pottery, or ballet. Children find it affirming to see you struggling to master new skills, just as they are.

Go On a Picnic

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Find a local park or recreation area and bring food and games for a day of fun. Play Frisbee, horseshoes, volleyball or soccer.  You might be able to swim or fish or find a comfortable spot to read a book.

Go to a Karaoke Bar

Sing to your favorite songs in the company of your family. Order food, have a beverage and make a night of it.

Head to the Farmer’s Market

Farmer's market

Meet local farmers and see where your food comes from. Many markets have local honey, lots of fresh food, baked goods and a great opportunity to meet new people.



Explore some ways for your youngsters to contribute to their community. For instance, they can get an opportunity to help spruce up public spaces. Toddlers can mess around in the dirt or pull up weeds (with supervision), and older kids can plant seeds and bulbs. You may also take your kids to visit the elderly at a retirement home. You can visit the Kids Beach Garden; it’s the first sustainable beach in Nigeria where children can learn and give back to the environment while having fun.

What other budget friendly fun things can you do with your family this weekend?

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Enrol your kids for Vivian and Friends Hangout!

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Vivian and Friends is a Saturday hangout program designed to nurture and build young people’s social, moral and mental life through various modules, platforms and recreational activities. They mix learning with so much fun!  Hurry now for registration. Siblings discount applies.

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