Can Only-Children be Screen-Free?

Reducing screentime is advised in every home today, but how do parents of only-children go about doing it and keeping the child creative? The thing is, they go about it just fine; the myths about only children are just that: myths. Only children whose parents limit screens likely develop great ability to entertain themselves independently; and pursue their own interests, which are great skills.

While the argument that only children are less socially skilled or more narcissistic seems logical, science strongly disagrees. Research shows people think only children will be more narcissistic, but, they are no more likely to be narcissistic that children with siblings. Only-children typically have very strong relationships with their parents; allowing messages about hard-work, cooperation, and empathy for others to hold a great deal of weight.

Many parents of only-children feel a stronger pull to entertain or play with their child when screenfree; as there is a lack of playmates for them.

Benefits of Screen-free with Only Children

Even though parents of only children may see some challenges in the lack of at-home playmates, there are certain benefits to it which include creativity and self-directed play; this will broaden the child’s imagination, ideas, and interesting things to do. Children get engrossed in books and other inspirations that does not require movies or video games.

only-children By limiting screentime, children tend to develop stronger relationships. This encourages the child to seek out connections outside the home, and connect without the need for devices.

By limiting screentime, children tend to develop stronger relationships. Click To Tweet

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Limiting screentime can set your only child up for success, but also demonstrating interest in their activities and helping them get setup goes a long way. Parents should be intentional even when it comes to playing with their children; this is to empower them to play on their own when you’re not around. When reducing screentime, provide your child with things to keep he/she occupied; like books, art supplies, educational games, and so on.

As a parent of an only-child, being intentional is still on the table, as it can even be more tasking than with multiple children; taking the time out to be closer to your child will remove the sense of loneliness from them, allowing them grow to become the best of themselves.

Source: ScreenFreeParenting

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