Importance of Paternity Leave

As new or expectant parents, the birth of a child can be a handful, introducing paternity leave is of great importance in the home at this time. In society, encouraging fathers as caregivers in the home can help balance work-life and parenting for couples. The benefits of paternity leave extend beyond the personal but go towards caring for families; And makes fathers feel positive about their careers and employers.

paternal leaveFathers are increasingly concerned about work-life balance, and the demands of work that interfere with family life. Paternal leave makes it easier for fathers, like mothers, to better balance their responsibilities at work and home

Benefits of Paternal Leave

Research has shown that longer paternity leave can lead to better outcomes for the family, including increased bonding, higher parental satisfaction rates, and heightened engagement. Longer leaves mean dads have more time to bond with a new child and will be more involved in caring for their children right from the start. This hands-on engagement can set a pattern that lasts long after the leave ends.

paternity leave

Another benefit is that increased engagement leads to improved health and development outcomes for children. This includes fewer behavioral problems and improved cognitive and mental health outcomes. A study of four OECD countries, including the United States, found evidence suggesting that longer paternity leaves and increased time fathers spent caring for their very young children is associated with higher cognitive test scores for their children.

Increasing paternity leave may also change longstanding cultural norms about gender, work, and household responsibilities. When men increase their use of paternity leave, time studies show that the number of household work fathers and mothers perform may become more gender-balanced over time; with the men spending longer amounts of time per day on household chores and childcare. This means that increasing how much parental leave fathers take can change the culture; in ways that make it more gender-equal.

Finally, when fathers take more paternity leave, it may increase the ability of mothers to engage in paid work; with a positive effect on female labor force participation and wages.

Source: US Dept Of Labor

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