Celebrating Fathers Day at FIlmHouse Cinemas

Celebrating fathers day at FilmHouse.Cinemas offers a great option for family-friendly things to do. There are several movies for the whole family to enjoy. Watching movies is always a good option for hanging out as a family; this weekend we have Father’s day and taking dad out to the movies could be a great way to show dad some love.

There are lots of blockbusters out in the Cinemas – see our picks below for some movies to watch. 

Another Father’s Day

Another Father’s Day sounds like a hilarious movie. It is about Femi Daniela who is a busy man who has no time for his family. His wife, Paula plans for him to bond with his children; but this ended in disaster. Watch to see what happens. Rating: PG

Men in Black LagosMums
Men In Black: International

Men in Black is back! They are protecting the Earth again and this time they are dealing with a mole in their midst. Rating: 12A

Ugly Dolls

This is an animation, with a positive message. It teaches us all to accept our differences. The free-spirited Ugly Dolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved and discover who you truly are. Rating: PG


Aladdin LagosMums Fathers DayAladdin

If you have not watched the new Aladdin this is a great weekend to watch it. The movie is amazing with a modern and updated feel to the old classic ” Aladdin”. Get ready to see Will Smith as the Genie and the other actors are all top notch. I might have loved the movie more than the kids. Rating: 12A

Avengers: Endgame

Avengers is still in the Cinema and one that the whole family could enjoy together. The Avengers assemble once more in order to undo Thanos’ actions and restore order to the universe. Rating: 12A

Here are some of our picks from the family-friendly movies showing this weekend

Get ready for the upcoming The Bling Lagosians which will be premiered at IMAX next week; get ready to watch that.

Filmhouse has cinemas across Nigeria, For those in Lagos, there are a few Cinemas available. The Filmnhouse cinemas in Lagos are located at (Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall Surulere, Leisure Mall SurulereLekki Phase 1, and TwinWaters. Check out which FilmHouse cinema location is closest to you, confirm the movies showing and get your tickets. 

Celebrate Father’s Day at FIlmHouse CInemas, check out the family-friendly things to do this weekend for other ideas.

For more, you can visit Filmhouse Cinemas on Instagram or website here.

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