Yummy Looks from the Bling Lagosians Movie Premiere

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Here are some Yummy looks from the Bling Lagosians Movie Premiere which held over the weekend in Lagos.

“In telling this story, it was important that we learnt lessons. In doing the Bling Lagosians, I observed certain things in our society and I decided to tell the story, a relatable story, that people would see and recognise this is the real us. This story is like a mirror, so we can look at ourselves in a mirror and see the flaws. This is a story of deceit, lust, love, greed, passion, it’s a story of excess’ but with redeeming qualities” as shared by the Director of the movie Bolanle Austen Peters.

The movie is a story about the fake lifestyles of many Lagosians.

The theme of the premiere was  “Eko For Show” and the guest certainly did not disappoint! Check out some of the looks we loved!

Winner Bling Lagosian LagosMums
Shaffy Bello
Shaffy Bello
Bling Lagosian Monalisa Achinda LagosMums
Monalisa Achinda
Michelle Dede LagosMums
Michelle Dede
Bling Lagosian Marcy Dolapo Oni LagosMums
Marcy Dolapo Oni
Bling Lagosian Layole Oyatogun LagosMums
Layole Oyatogun
Inidima Okojie LagosMums
Inidima Okojie
Bling Lagosian Helen Paul LagosMums
Helen Pau
Bling Lagosian Chioma Akpota LagosMums
Chioma Akpota
Bunmi Olunloyo LagosMums
Bunmi Olunloyo
Director Bling Lagosians Bolanle Austen Peters
Bolanle Austen Peter

Eko for Show Bling Lagosian LagosMums

Anto Lecky LagosMums
Anto Lecky

Bling Lagosians

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