5 Tips For Child Care over The Summer Holiday

While the long vacation is a welcome relief for the kids, it can also signal a major issue for working parents. Who is going to look after the children when they’re off school? Trying to provide fun, enriching activities while parents juggle work schedules can be quite challenging. Here are some tips and ideas on child care options over the summer holiday.

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1. Juggle parenting

Mums and dads can alternate their weeks off during the summer vacation. This might be a way around childcare problems, but it’s hardly a family-friendly solution. Most families want to spend time together as a family unit either on holiday or at least at home together with planned outings which include everyone, particularly if the children are younger.  In addition, the reality is that not many organisations actually give parents summer break in Lagos. If you have this option as a parent, ensure you plan a good weekend away together as a family.

2. Parent-to-parent swaps

If you have a friend with children that are of the same age bracket with yours, consider using some of your vacation time to provide a parent-run “camp.” You take your friend’s kids for a week or two. She or he takes yours for a week or two. The adults can relax knowing the kids are in good care. Both families save quite a bit of cash. You can enjoy time at the park or at the beach and playing backyard games and doing crafts with your favorite kids. Make sure that you and the other parent have similar expectations about how the days will go, beginning and end times, what you expect each other to provide in the way of meals and snacks, and how you will set limits.

3. Summer camps.

For some families, Summer camp is the best option. Some of these camps run from one week to all summer. Some focus on one major activity (such as computers, theater, or photography) while others offer a mixture of activities every day. Summer camps that let kids explore their interests — art, theater or sports camps, for instance — are a popular way of keeping kids safe and learning. There are many ways to keep the children busy this summer from ages 4 months old to 18 years old, with various options from residential to day. You can check our LagosMums Summer Camp Guide 2018 for different options. Take care to make sure your child is ready to spend time away from home.

4.  Grandparents or family members

Grandparents are often the best solution to summer childcare. If your children are happy to stay with their grandparents without mum and dad being present, everyone benefits. The children get to spend valuable time with the older generation and make a fledgling leap into independence away from their parents. And, of course, grandparents get to build long-lasting bonds with their grandchildren.

5. Childcare services

Explore childcare services. Early childcare plays an important role in  children’s development and provides a valuable support to families with young children. All children need a childcare setting where they can thrive with caregivers who understand how to promote their healthy growth and development.

There are many good childcare options available to choose from. The key is to start your search early. Take your time reviewing and screening potential caregivers. Review records before leaving your baby in their care. And above all, make sure that you believe in your heart that your baby or child will thrive in the environment. You can check out www.kwikerrands.com. Kwik Errands provides trained, carefully scrutinized professional child minders, nannies and maids. They do not only provide baby sitting services, they also have other services that basically help mums with their to General errands like child minding, travel assisitant, grocery shopping etc.

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