All You Need To Know About Children’s Event Planning

There is nothing more rewarding than working with children. They are the most honest and imaginative kind you will ever meet. Children’s event planning has its relieving effects when you see their SMILES.

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Children love parties, but there is no denying that children’s parties always require the input of their parents, with so many details to consider such as budget, theme, venue and so much more. Organizing a party takes a lot of time, creativity and the ability to stay organized. These must be a structured process with carefully defined steps.

Children Event Planning has evolved over the years due to new trends and themes. Before going into that, there are some basic things that you need to put in place before planning an event. As an Event Planner, we love nothing more than a memorable experience for the child and the guests. In achieving this, listed is an ultimate checklist to help take the stress away from planning the party.

The Ultimate checklist must consist of the following:
  • The Age of the child
  • Sex of the Child.
  • No of kids expected
  • No of Adults expected
  • Date/Time
  • Venue/Location (Address)
  • Outdoor/indoor
  • Party Theme
  • Menu
  • Entertainment
  • Budget

Once the Ultimate checklist has been sorted out, the party planning comes into full swing. Choosing the theme of a Party will determine a lot of other details involved such as the decorations, type of food, entertainment and venue chosen. Once this is in the bag, you can get started on planning your party.

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Book the venue early and ensure that you get a confirmation that it’s available for you.

The Size of the Venue must also be considered when planning a child’s party. If the space is too small, you might have issues fitting everyone in and if it’s too large, you might also have trouble creating a party atmosphere. Look into the invites, to know who will be coming for the event. You might have to consider the sitting arrangement for the adults. You will also need to factor in the amount of space needed for games, entertainment and the various vendors you will be using for the event. The Party must have a start and end time.

A Child’s party isn’t complete without Balloons, streamers and party wares.

Set the scene for your event with the right themed party supplies. The decorations can be as creative or simple as the theme implies. Some arts and crafts can also be inclusive in the decoration. This can be sourced for or Do it yourself (DIY). When organizing a children’s party, all the little details really counts like the sitting area. Adult size table and chairs won’t do for the little ones, so there will be a need to source for their own furniture which will be proportionate to their size.

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Entertainment and fun activities must also be considered when planning a party

Having organized activities will make the party more fun for the children. This is all about planning age appropriate activities because what might appeal to a toddler might not necessarily work for those age 6 and above. Have an activity immediately the children start arriving like face painting, washable hand tattoos and a balloon entertainer.

Book your Party Entertainer early, they are the actual soul of the party. Party equipment’s must also be booked early, make sure this is done before you inform the invitees.

The most important ingredient is the children’s party food, this is second to the gifts received.

There are lots of options for the children menu. However, it is possible to make their food healthy without compromising on the level of enjoyment. The party cake can also follow the theme of the party, this is another fun part for the children especially during photo sessions.

Whether you love or hate the idea of gifting, all children love party favors/goody bags

These needs to be equally pleasing for the children and their parents, it can either be edible, creative or educative.

Hopefully with this, you have an idea of what an event planner does when planning a child’s party or whether you intend to DIY.


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Omolola Adewuyi is a wife, Mum to 2 lovely girls, a Lawyer by profession and the CEO of Fifmod Kiddies Events. Her love for children and planning made her venture into children’s party planning after working in the banking sector for 6years. She loves travelling, reading and entertaining. Her main goal in life, is to impact people’s lives positively.

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