Creativity, why you need it and how to be more Creative

Creativity is what makes us human and the ability to use our brains to create better things. Creativity occurs when somebody comes up with a novel idea or solution to anything whether simple or complicated. What makes the process of creating unique is the ability to produce, create or find new ideas, results and theories.

In a study of very creative people, you find that they often get extreme knowledge about a thing and focus on it for years. They often seek the advice and assistance of different experts and willing to take risks. Although creativity is much associated with the arts, it really drives people in all fields.

Creativity Lagosmums

Creativity can be seen in every field of life. From the way, you decorate your house to innovative solutions. 

Why You Need It

In today’s world and workforce, creativity is the most important skill. If you lack creativity, your job is going to become obsolete.

A lot of jobs will be obsolete because of technology and artificial intelligence. This is why I believe that creativity should be taught in schools and colleges.

In a recent poll of over 1500 CEOs, creativity was named as the single most valuable leadership skill. Creativity would be important for most 21st century workers. [Read: Parenting Problems and How to Avoid Them]

How To Get Creative 

Have you ever heard someone say I’m simply not creative? Or I’m not the creative type?

People generally believe that creativity is a talent or gift for a few selected ones whereas, in reality, everyone has the ability to be creative. As humans, we are naturally wired to be creative. Certainly, some people are more creative than others but to say you are not creative at all; is absolutely wrong.

Creativity is something that everybody should embrace, it is not just about being able to draw or paint. 

It is about having the ability to think outside of your comfort zone and come up with new ideas. Creativity is an important part of life and it’s something that everyone should learn and practice. The amazing thing is that you cannot run out, the more you use, the more you have.

Creativity goes together with knowledge and ability. Creativity requires strong thinking patterns. When you recognize certain patterns that come up in your life or even place of work, creativity allows you to come up with novel ideas to solve issues. 

How to Help Children to be More Creative in schools 

A few key changes can transform a classroom from one that hinders creativity to one that encourages and nurtures it. There are certain factors that can help a child grow into a confident young individual. Some of the changes that need to be applied in the classroom are:

1. Foster a question-friendly environment

One of the most crucial aspects of encouraging creativity in a classroom is giving children the liberty to ask questions and allow them to create their own unique perspective on subjects. Let them know that there are no wrong questions, only interesting ones.  

2. Encourage intuition and spontaneity

Children are full of energy and spontaneity. Instead of asking them to fall in line with outdated rules of the classroom, teachers should encourage their enthusiasm and help them transfer it into the subjects they learn.

3. Practice generating more ideas

Instead of teaching the curriculum directly, teachers need to hold fun and interesting sessions. This will certainly spark creativity. They should allow children to find solutions with just the guidance of the teachers. It will help students think critically and be creative in their approach.

4. Remove the pressure of performing

The pressure of performing and examination dominates a child’s life and that needs to change. Motivate a child by the thirst for knowledge and not the fear of failing in class. We need to build a more calm and safe environment for the child. [Read: Questions to Ask your Child after School]

5. Encourage new skills and build confidence 

Majority of the adults have the potential to be better but never apply them as a result of lack of confidence. Our education system has managed to provide us with technical skills but not the social skills that go with it. We need to introduce new teaching techniques that will build self-confidence in children.

6. Encourage self-expression

Self-expression is the core of creativity. A child needs to explore every aspect of their being to really understand who they are and what they want to be. Teachers, parents and the entire community need to come together to provide the space needed for a child to express themselves without any doubt or fear.

7. Use the jigsaw classroom method

The jigsaw technique is a method of organising classroom activity that makes students dependent on each other to succeed. Students are split into groups to finish assignments in bits that the group assembles to complete the puzzle. It helps boost social skills and build a sense of community.

The next time you attempt to think that the skills important for today have nothing to do with creativity, think again. It’s not just about what you know but rather about how you can use your imagination to solve problems in innovative ways.

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