DALM | Expanding Waistline

Diary Adventures of LagosMums: DALM | Expanding Waistline 

Do you live in Lagos? Overweight? Lethargic? Wondering why? The problem could be Lagos!

fruits and walkingAfter the summer break I returned to various expressions ranging from mild horror to intense horror at my new size. The reactions have not been to a heavier body but rather to a smaller me. Questions have ranged from did I purposely starve myself, or was I so stressed on my holiday? After all one of the expected signs of holiday outside Lagos is the sheer imagination of the enjoyment offered.

Though I did not actively plan it this way to lose weight there were a couple of things that did contribute to dropping a few pounds.

  • Walking around – there is no driver and everywhere you need to get to will take some walking to get to. This convenient walking around is hard to find in Lagos. Perhaps joining the slew of walkers across the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge once or twice a week.
  • There is no help – there is no luxury of domestic help and assuming the role of the cook, cleaner, driver and laundry man ensures there is enough work to keep you busy and moving.
  • Go Shopping – great excuse to go shopping. Walking from store to store will lead you to shed a few unwanted pounds. Even if you are window shopping more than actual buying the time it takes you to walk from end to end of the mall is a workout.
  • Food – there are so many options for healthy eating, already cut up carrots to easily packaged fruit and various salads at a fraction of the cost here in Lagos.

I was basically insulted by a black cab driver when he found out that I hailed him to take me round the block. He just kept murmuring that I was going round the corner and I could have walked…am sure if he was Nigerian he would have eyed me or hissed.

Change the impression that a good holiday out of Lagos includes eating so much that it is obvious on your cheeks that you went on a holiday. A good holiday should include rest and exploration away from your regular environment. Unlike previously I did not once order a hamburger meal or nuggets from McDonalds, this somehow does make a difference.

I am back in Lagos and my body is in a bit of shock from the lack of movement. I really have to get moving naturally or sign up for a gym membership to help the weight stay off and to create a healthier lifestyle.

So to all the people including myself who struggle to lose weight in Lagos, some of the things you need to find a way to do more often include walking, reducing all the fried and greasy food that is a main part of our local diet, do more things yourself around the house, pick up the broom, clean and mop, visit Balogun now and then and walk around the market. You will be surprised how much these things matter and play a part in keeping you moving.

So if you wonder why your waistline expands magically? It is the combination of no movement and what you eat.

What steps do you use to ensure that you stay fit and to keep the weight off.

photo source: perthnow

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