Do You Know? Motherhood Is Equivalent To Two And Half Full Time Jobs!

As a Mum, we do not have to tell you that motherhood is hard work (not like we are complaining though). A new study shows that motherhood is equivalent to two and a half full-time jobs. Being a mother is the greatest job in the world and it may also be the toughest.

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Mums Work Load

This study says that the average mother spends 98 hours a week doing parenting-related things. Such as making food, buying food, trying to get/force little humans to eat (for their own benefit), changing nappies, juggling schedules, trying to maintain some semblance of peace and hygiene in your home, etc. It’s a never-ending to-do list making a full-time job.

According to Yahoo, the study was commissioned by American Juice Company, Welch’s. They analyzed the daily schedules of 2,000 mothers of kids between the ages of 5 and 12. On average, Mums work from 6:23 am to 8:31 p.m, seven days a week. That’s 98 hours a week. (Truth be told, it’s a lot more than that. We can include the fact that children will not stay in bed from 8:30 pm till 6:23 am and a mums day does not end by 8:30).

Even when the kids are not around, your Mumbrain is still doing Mum related stuff. [Read: Mums There Is A Legit Reason Why You Are Always Tired]. 4 out of 10 mothers surveyed said their week felt like a never-ending series of tasks. And hours disappear to things like reading all the nutrition labels in the grocery store, keeping track of appointments, and googling “healthy recipes for children.”

Seventy-two percent of the mothers surveyed said they felt like getting their families to eat healthy snacks and meals was a struggle. And 83 percent said they felt pressure to include fruit and vegetables in their family’s diet. Dealing with picky eating can definitely be tough, especially when it comes to finding things that everyone likes.

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Mums need time out or me-time

Motherhood is extremely time-consuming and although it is stressful, it is worth it. Mums, you deserve a break sometimes. Taking time for yourself should not make you feel guilty. What you need could simply be me-time or a good laugh with good company.

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