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Nigeria presently has over 180 million people. Here’s the million-dollar question: “Who do you really know?” Now, this question may seem rather far-fetched. I mean, we have enough on our hands as moms. We are tending to our big babies (husbands), taking care of our small babies (children), running the home front. Some of us are career women, trying to meet KPIs at work. Why should we be bothered about anyone else?


Who you should know

Well, if you have a nanny, cook, housemaid, driver, gateman, any sort of domestic help or staff for your small business, or you plan on employing one soon, then, that question should be of concern to you. You want to be sure that Juliet, your nanny, who swears she is from Ogun State, claims her last place of employment was in Lagos and that she left because her employers relocated abroad is telling the truth. That she is, in fact, not Mercy, from Akwa Ibom, who is on the run from the law after stealing from her last employers?

The truth is, there is a critical need for us as moms to protect ourselves and our families from the many ugly incidents that often trail employers who fail to properly verify the identities of their staff.

VerifyMe Nigeria

Enter VerifyMe Nigeria, a foremost identity verification and work history reporting company that is digitizing trust through its proprietary bouquet of verification services. Services include identity verification, address verification (including GPS Mapping), guarantor verification, and work history reports.

Further Insight

LagosMums Team had a chat with the VerifyMe team recently and they took us through the simple process of verifying your staff or any individual on the newly launched self-Managed Verification Platform (MVP). All you need is a biometric data license such as BVN, NIN or FRSC Drivers’ License and a digital device such as your phone, tablet or PC.

Services cost from N500 for simple ID verification and in about two minutes, you’re done – from the comfort of your home!

The self-Managed Verification Platform (MVP) from VerifyMe is a tech-enabled platform that allows you to verify the true identity of whoever you are dealing with so you can make informed decisions before transacting with them. These include domestic or business staff in person-to-person dealings or loan applicants, credit applicants, executive hires and property tenants in business-to-person cases.

First, what is the MVP?

The MVP is integrated into biometric data points across critical identity platforms such as the Nigerian Identity Management Corporation (NIMC), NIBSS Bank Verification Number (BVN) and Federal Road Safety Corps national databases. Every biometric data point is tied to an individual ID so there are no loopholes.


How does the MVP work?

Log on to the website on and enter the individual’s NIN, BVN or Drivers’ License number. The portal immediately marches the ID against the national biometric database to verify the identity so you can confirm if the information they gave you is authentic or not. All results are delivered to your digital device instantly.

For individuals with no digital ID, VerifyMe agents will carry out physical verifications to confirm address, guarantors and work history, even for those living in remote areas. You also get GPS images of addresses. All data is backed by the VMN guarantee and foolproof verification process and comply with relevant regulatory standards such as CBN tier 3, and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) directives.

Who Needs the VerifyMe MVP?

All moms apparently. Especially if you require the services of domestic workers like nannies, housemaids, gatemen, drivers, etc. The platform is also handy for all categories of employers,  whether small businesses or large corporates. Additionally, if you are a financial service provider, manufacturer or property owner seeking to secure your assets, the MVP will help you verify the identities of those wishing to borrow money, take credit lines on products or rent your property.

With VerifyMe, it’s no more fake identities, fake addresses or fake guarantors. You see the fuller picture.

Sign up or call 09060007624; 09060002477 to verify an ID today.




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