Do You Know That Pecadomo?



The other day while visiting one of my favourite blogs i came across an interesting advert from PEAK Milk on using milk with normal everyday meals. I found it quite interesting, i mean i know milk can be used in some meals but it really opened my eyes to the possibilities. Since then i’ve been following the Pecadomo or Peak can do more trend across social media and while already used to my normal meals the way they are i felt the urge to try something new, you know what they say the only constant thing in life is change. Yup!

So i checked out some recipes on their site here  and decided to make some smoothies for the kids and they totally loved it. Now i’m even more inspired to use milk while preparing many meals.

I find that you have to use the right milk though, and Peak milk has that rich thickness so it’s definitely my go to milk, plus hey who wouldn’t want the milk that gives you stronger body and sharper mind. I know i do!

Feel free to check out the recipes and try them out today!

Don’t forget to also check out this hilarious PEAK family video.

[youtube id=”E65p3KYyDpE” width=”633″ height=”356″]

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