hp print play and learn review

Easy setup and use! The HP Smart Tank 515 Printer Review

One thing I have always had at home is a printer! I recently got to try out the HP smart tank printer and I have to say it is so easy to set up and use. In addition to the HP play, print and learn app with the combination of free activities for the children; it has been a pleasant experience. 

With the children at home involved in online learning, it is important to have tools that allow them to get their hands on various learning materials in an easy way. The combination of the activities on the HP print, play and Learn with the ease of printing is quite amazing. 


Hp smart tank printer review

Ease of Setup

Setting up the HP Smart Tank printer was literally less than 10 minutes! The specific printer model is the HP Smart Tank 515 printer. I basically brought it out of the box, followed the simple instructions attached and the printer was literally ready to use. I should point out that the liquid printer ink is spill-proof. It does not spill over, and trust me I tested this feature. It only flows out when it has been turned upside down and connected with the ink compartment on the printer. In addition to printing out documents, we were also able to print out a photo using photo print paper.  

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Mobile printing

I love the ease of usage, with the HP Smart app I literally could select what I wanted to print and hit print from anywhere in the house. All I needed was to be connected to wifi. Now once the printer was set up, I just downloaded the HP smart app. After this, I clicked on the “print documents” or “print photos option. 

HP Print, play and Learn

The HP print, play and learn App or website has a lot of free activities for children to keep engaged and learn in novel ways. This app has lots of free printables and other activities, offering hours of fun activities and playtime ideas parents can do with the children. The printables can easily be printed out. You can choose to print in black and white or colour.

The other great thing about this app is that you can filter all the activities available by the creator, age group, activity or category.

The creators include Art therapy, canva, Crayola, education.com, fathers day series, first news, KiwiCo, Time for Kids and others. The age groups range from two years old to over 12 years old and so there is something for everyone.

There are also several activities to choose from such as greeting cards, colouring pages, word search and other reading material. Lastly, you can also choose based on category such as Maths, Reading, Robots, Science, Writing, Sports and Jobs and so much more. 

What I really love about this, is that you can print out whatever you want right from the app and it prints out on the hp smart tank printer. 

HP Smart Tank Printer


The ink bottles that come with the printer can last up to 3 years! this gives you up to 18,000 pages of Black & 8000 pages of colour print outs. Now if you are anything like me this is a great feature because those costs add up fast if you need to replace printer ink regularly. With the children, there is always something to print out! 

Other features to note

Right now you can get an instant 3-year warranty. HP is currently offering an additional 2 years warranty with the standard 1 year within 60 days of purchase.

You can get your printer from an authorized dealer “Office R Us on Jumia“. Enjoy the ongoing sale while it lasts including free delivery within Lagos. The HP Print, play and Learn App is free to download and enjoy with your children and family. 

hp print play and learn review


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