An Expectant Mum’s Quick Guide For Baby’s Arrival


With pregnancy, it’s a whole new experience. This experience comes with some confusion on what to do and what to buy in preparation for baby’s arrival; especially for first-time mums. So, we’ve cut it down to the basics with this quick guide to help you plan what you need before and when your baby arrives – for your baby and for you.

Set up the baby nursery with all the essentials:

This involves setting up and decorating the room as you would like it and based on the sex of the child (if you know this ahead of delivery). Make sure the nursery is comfortable for baby and for mum as well. A rocking chair, for example, is a nice addition for the on-demand feeding. Be sure to create spaces for the baby essentials you would be getting, including;


Things to buy for the wardrobe include basic clothing; onesies, rompers, socks, mittens, and blankets. Different sizes of diapers, baby wipes, cotton balls, washcloths, etc.

Sleeping Space:

For naps and bedtime, you would need a crib/cot and mattress, along with fitted sheets. Note that pillows are dangerous for babies. You would also need mosquito nets to protect your baby in the tropics.

First Aid/Grooming 

All the necessary items for quick home remedies and day to day grooming for your baby including baby lotions and bath soap. It is important to ensure that everything is specifically made for babies, to prevent any harm. For grooming, you would need soft bristle brush, nail clippers or nail files to keep the nails short.


Prepare for feeding

This involves buying all the necessary feeding utensils needed and probably food itself; feeding bottles, sterilizers, and cleaners. You would also need a baby bag and cooler to keep water warm for quick warming up of baby’s milk. In addition, if you would be returning to work, consider getting a breast milk pump and storage bags. Read up on all the benefits of breastfeeding your baby.


For Nursing

You would need as many things as would make this a comfortable transition for you as regards breastfeeding. This will include nursing bras and pads, nursing cover, nipple cream and well as comfortable clothing that makes it easy to feed your baby.


This is an in-exhaustive list as it covers everything to make you and your baby comfortable at any given time.

  • For Commutes: Baby bag, portable changing mat, car seat, teething rings, food and bottle warmers.
  • Indoors: Bouncer, playpen, rocking chair, toys, baby carrier, etc.

Prepare to behold your baby…

For a complete list of things to buy click here!

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