Family Friendly Things To Do For Father’s Day

Father’s day is a special day set aside to celebrate and appreciate fathers. Although it’s a great idea to celebrate the people you love everyday; we have come up with a list of ideas on how to celebrate the dad in your life on father’s day. Here you will find some fun and interesting ways to celebrate father’s day at home.

Father's day Gift, things to do for fathers1. Breakfast in Bed

Before the era of the Corona virus pandemic, Sundays in many families was a day for church service. Now, with the restriction on movement, most people sit-in on Sundays. You can seize the opportunity to wake early and prepare something light for dad before he wakes. Rally the children round to serve dad his breakfast in bed. Let breakfast and the kids be the first things he sees when he wakes up!

2. Cook Together

You could decide to make a meal at home specially for Father’s day. Let dad choose the recipe for the day and engage the kids in making the meal. Make them guess their dad’s favorite ingredient. Play and have fun cooking together, you can make a video to keep for memories sake. Decide if dad will join you and have fun making a meal together. 

family friendly, father's day

3. Build a Father’s Day Throne for Dad

Usually, in families, everyone has a special go-to chair where they feel  most comfortable in. The children can have fun decorating and converting dad’s special chair into a throne for Father’s Day. Or, they could decorate a different chair for dad and make him sit in it. They can even further make a cardboard crown that their father has to wear as he sits on his throne throughout the day. You could take photos of the throne and keep in the family album.

4. Make a Card

Rather than buy a ready made card, let the children design and make a card for dad. Allow the creativity flow, write a poem, make jokes, and share what they are grateful to dad for. Let them draw superheroes whom they think fit dad’s personality. All they need is some cardboard, glitter and crayons. Once the gift comes with love, dad is sure to love his gift.

5. Listen to Dads Nostalgic Stories

Often times, fathers never get enough time to spend with their children like mothers do. They rarely share their childhood stories and events with the children. Let the kids sit and listen to dad’s stories from the past. Allow dad and his children make fun, laugh, bond and learn from experiences he had when he was their age.

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6. Surprise them with a present

Dads are always providing for everyone, so why not make them feel special and surprise them with a present. What does he like? or what does he need? Some suggestions are a pair of sunglasses, notebook, a new phone, pen or pair of shoes.

7. Family Game/Movie Night

Another thing to do for Fathers on Father’s day is to have fun relaxing and playing with them at home as a family. Have a family game night and bring out the monopoly or the Ludo. You could also choose to watch a movie. Let dad decide what movie to watch and everyone can sit on the couch with him to watch it. Put the phones away and have fun bonding.

What other fun ideas do you have to celebrate dads on Father’s Day? Read also: Family Friendly Bonding Activities To Do This Weekend.

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