Family Friendly Ways to Help our Children Embrace their Culture

TGIF parents! As we keep evolving in a different world, let us find ways to help our children embrace their culture and be proud of it. Our children’s exposure to the digital world has made them unaware of their nation’s traditions and heritage; GenZ needs all the awareness to keep it alive and have the knowledge to pass to the forthcoming generations. We implore parents not to neglect the influence of cultural knowledge in their child’s growth; rather, instilling it in them, making them know their roots in a very diverse world.

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We will be giving five(5) ways parents can help their children embrace their culture this weekend. They are:

Talk about their Culture

The ideal way to start is to communicate with our children about what their culture is about. Get them interested by telling the interesting facts, myths, and folklores revolving around their heritage. Also, encourage them to talk about things they learn from you with their friends; so they can be aware of their cultural differences and be proud of the knowledge they have on their cultural background. Read Also [Talking to your child about culture]

ways to help our children embrace our culture

Communication is a two-way thing; thus, they are confused about something, we should listen and try to understand them; then shine a light on the issues they have.

Teach them their Language

Children will embrace their culture easier when they can speak fluently their native language; nowadays, they only learn the English language from school and do not develop the language from their culture. Even at home, parents are so used to speaking English from work and progress to doing it at home. Parents can encourage their children by speaking to them in their native language frequently; overtime, it will come to them naturally and allow them to embrace their culture.

Be Culturally aware as a Parent

ways to help our children embrace their cultureAs parents, we need to be culturally aware to be able to teach our children to embrace their culture. We can do this by portraying practices from our culture around our children; practices such as speaking our native language, wearing cultural clothes, preparing cultural meals, and so on. Adopting these practices will influence the way children see their culture and how they embrace it.

Give examples of people who embrace their culture

People past and present are known to embrace and show pride in the diverse cultures of our nation; telling our children about these individuals will motivate them to also show the same kind of passion for our heritage. Examples of such individuals are the late Chinua Achebe, a renowned novelist, and professor who wrote about African and Nigerian literature and culture; Chimamanda Adichie, a Nigerian writer who has succeeded in attracting a new generation of readers to African literature and so many more.

Telling them and showing them the exploits of these people will intrigue them to know more about their culture.

Watch online videos appreciating our culture

ways to help our children embrace their culture

The digital world has its good and bad perks when it comes to embracing culture in our children. We as parents can use the internet as a medium to show our children cultural activities, both historical and present. Watching youtube channels or streaming live cultural events on other online platforms with the family will connect them to their heritage; these events include cultural dances, traditional festivals, coronations, and so on.

Click here for a page on youtube featuring documentaries that talk about various Nigerian cultures.

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