Hannah And Hugh Skincare – Natural And Toxic Free Products

LagosMums recently interviewed Pamela Orji; CEO and Founder of Hannah and Hugh Skincare, a range of amazing natural and toxic free products suitable for the whole family! Read as she shares amazing insights about her products.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Pamela Orji, a mum to a beautiful daughter , a fitness coach ,a food and coffee lover (lol) and the founder of Hannah and Hugh Skincare.

Background- education, work/career

My background is far removed from what I am doing now. I studied Economics and Politics in university and I also have a Masters in Economics, but I’ve always had a passion to work not behind a desk but at a more human level where you are directly impacting people’s lives. Before Hannah and Hugh, I have worked with NGO’s and local governments and in microfinance.

Tell us about Hannah and Hugh – what birthed it

Hannah and hugh skincare is a range of amazing natural and toxic free products suitable for the whole family! it’s a one stop family solution.

In a nutshell, It was birthed out of frustration!! My daughter had Eczema as a baby that would often leave her skin very dry and scaly. At that time there weren’t any good NATURAL skincare moisturisers out there. Most of what was on offer were either steroid creams or creams that were full of harmful substances that I didn’t want to use on her delicate skin.

This propelled me to find my own solution by ultimately embarking on a natural skincare course and creating a skincare range that would solve the problem.

We currently have 2 moisturisers and 2 hair and body washes

-Lavender and Calendula moisturiser
-Rosehip and Calendula Moisturiser

-Lavender and Chamomile hair and body wash
-Bergamot Hair and body wash

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When did you know this was a product that people would want to buy?

I didn’t know immediately that people would want to buy it, what I knew for sure was that I had taken my time over 4 years to figure out the best natural toxic free ingredients and combinations that would help alleviate Eczema and that if we got that part right, then people would buy it! I also had my first few samples that I distributed amongst friends and family before I launched and the feedback was phenomenal…people with Eczema and dry skin were seeing real results!

What’s different about H & H ?

I think what makes us different is that we are not about gimmicks. We are a lifestyle brand with a focus on health and wellness. We live in a society where we are obsessed with the superficiality of looking good on the outside and as a result we make harmful choices.

Our ultimate desire is to educate people about the choices they make and equip them to make better ones particularly when it comes to skincare…

Where are your products stocked ?

We are currently being stocked at Healthplus and Casabella Outlets in Nigeria.

How long should it take for us to see a difference?

If you are prone to dry skin you should see a difference pretty much from the onset…our moisturisers are rich and creamy and keeps your skin moisturised all day long. Our body washes also have cleansing and moisturising properties that stop your skin from drying out.

How do you do it all – being a mother, career woman, business owner?

I’m not sure if I do it all! I try my best daily and focus on what’s really important. Family comes first. It’s also important to have a good support network and surround yourself with people who you can learn from and also those who can learn from you.

What part does nutrition play in skin care?

I’m a firm believer that beauty is from the inside out! Healthy nutrition and healthy toxic free skincare go hand in hand.

My rule of thumb is Lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates and drink plenty of water! (more on this another time)

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