Have you Seen your Naked Body in the Mirror?

When you look at your naked body in the mirror, what do you see? Once I read an article with this phrase “the more you stare in the mirror the more you see everything that is wrong”

However, in recent times there is much more to worry about. The more you stare at the media from your TV and phone screens the more you paint a picture of what you perceive to be perfect. You begin to get ideas. Maybe you need a Brazilian butt lift. Maybe after a few children, you need some help to have perky breasts again.

Social media does distort the image of what is the standard of beauty. With the million filters available and the apps that can give an instant hourglass, the line between what is real and unreal is almost non-existent.


body imageBODY TYPES

Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. That is part of what makes each of us unique. We might not all have attended science classes but there are three different body types. Most times individuals are a merge of two of these body types.

  • Ectomorph: Lean and long, there is difficulty in building muscles
  • Endomorphs: Big, high body fat with a high tendency to store more body fat
  • Mesomorph: Muscular and well

Also for the female body types there are some categories

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle or “pear”
  • Inverted triangle or “apple”
  • Hourglass

These categories also have a lot of variation within one “type.”

What Next?

So what if you can enhance your body? The media is raving with news of body enhancement and there is an increase in the number of hourglass shaped women. In reality, there is a decent distribution of all body shapes but thanks to media there seems to be a certain type of body shape people are paying top dollar for. Right here in Lagos, the idea of body enhancement is becoming more common. It is important not to compare yourself with a picture of someone that might not be their real self.

Body Enhancement Surgery?

There is a difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery focuses on body enhancement, while plastic surgery reconstructs body parts that have sustained damage due to disease, burns, or trauma.

Here is the heart of the matter alone in your bedroom, away from the media, looking at your naked body in the mirror; love yourself and every bit of it. There is no one standard of beauty. We know it is difficult to believe but the truth is that even with all the baby fat, you are perfect as you are. Am sure your baby loves your love handles 🙂

A lot of those who have undergone body enhancement surgeries suffer complications afterwards. This is usually not shared on social media and people are not aware of the dangers.

The problem is not really with your body, it is what you think of it and what you think of yourself.


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