When Everything is Up In The Air

What do you do when everything is up in the air? This was the question Pastor Mo asked.

There are certain times that things might be very uncertain and unclear. There are certain ways to handle this. There are somethings in your life that should not be up in the air. What you place a premium on is what is important to you. If you do not place a premium on your family they do not mean anything to you. If you do not cherish your wife, value your husband, call your mum, then do they really matter to you?

God is a God who does not change.

What are the things that are up in the air? Perhaps 

  • Your business is up in the air? The economy and the situation is hard on almost all sectors and areas.
  • Could it be your relationships that are up in the air? Perhaps that marriage is just not as you want it to be, or the person you thought you would walk down the aisle with has not happened as planned?
  • Maybe it is your career or job that is up in the air? The job front might be uncertain with impending job cuts looming?
  • Perhaps it is the Country? Nigeria as we try to transition from stable but corrupt to one where we clean things up and make things work seems to have left everything up in the air.  There is a stand still in the economy which has moved from bunkering to non oil revenue budgeting.

No matter how all these very important issues are uncertain and “up in the air”, Our relationship with God should be the one thing that is never up in the air. What is the use of being a prayer warrior but you are living in fornication,  or go to the prayer mountain but live like a devil most times (when you are off the mountain).

When God puts everything up in the air he wants to draw us nearer..when things are up in the air look for God he will give you himself.

Sometimes when everything is up in the air God is speaking and he wants to hear you say –

You are my everything
My own
You are my hearts desire
My King
I desire you
I desire you

Strategies when things are up in the air

1. Get the blood on the door post. Get the blood around your life, in your life.

2. Feed on the right thing – What are you feeding on, what words are you speaking and hearing, what are the ideas you are feeding yourself with. Stop feeding on the depressing news, watch what you listen to and what you feed your spirit with. There are some particular times when you need to clean up what you are feeding yourself and your mind with like now when things seem up in the air.

3. Prepare – Get your sandals on your feet and gird your waist. Where is your new plan? Where is your business idea?  Is this the time to get into different things? What new doors are being opened. This it the time for people to be creative. So prepare. calibrate. When things are up in air is the time to prepare, to take stock.

4. Go and ask your due – This is the time to ask. Go and recalibrate you value. Create value and solve problems. Ask what is fair. The bible says you have not because you ask not. This is the time to appear clear and speak straight. When people are uncertain this is the time to appear to be clear on where you are going and what you want. Build your track record now build your empire now when there is darkness and everything is up in the air.

5. The time of crisis is when you March out. By leadership take back where you have been robbed

So when things seem up in the air, have hope and do not despair. Hold on to God and employ some strategies to get through the uncertain periods.

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