How and Why Parents Should Have The Drug Talk

Parents need to have the drug talk now!!! The high rates of young adults’ exposure to drug abuse have become an issue of collective concern.  The aftermath of the adverse effects of exposure to drug abuse does not just end with the abuser of the drug. Everyone around the abuser feels the bitter pangs of the exposure.

Abusers of drugs, usually the young adults not only become shadows of themselves. After a while, they are also capable of influencing many more individuals close to them. In many cases, the effects on those surrounding them do not end at influencing them into the act of drug abuse. They also innocently suffer from various vices that come with drug abusers.

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An article written by Medicine Net reveals that drug abuse and addiction, drug use disorder, also called substance use or chemical use disorder, is an illness characterized by a destructive pattern of using a substance. This leads to significant problems or distress, including tolerance to or withdrawal from the substance. In addition, there are other problems that the sufferer faces, either socially or in terms of their work or school performance.

The effects of drug use disorders on society are substantial. The economic cost includes everything from lost wages to medical, legal, and mental health implications. Teens are increasingly engaging in prescription drug abuse, particularly narcotics, also called opioids (which physicians prescribe to relieve severe pain) and stimulant medications, which treat conditions like attention-deficit disorder and narcolepsy.

Several agencies, organizations and bodies have been trying to find a long term way out to this deadly menace.

However, while these driving forces try to tackle this issue, what can the first and the most important agent- the parents, do to ensure this generation is free of drug abusers.

Parent – Have That Chit Chat Today!

The popular saying that Charity begins at home holds true. Parents need to have the drug talk with their children. They are responsible for training a child to be morally sound and fit. Fulfilling this great assignment judiciously goes a long way in ensuring that the community does not have an issue of drug abuse to worry about in the first place.

Parents need to be aware that the eras of assumptions have passed.

The conjectures; “she should know” “he is no longer a kid, he should know” need to end immediately! Nobody, especially young children know the right thing except we teach and guide them. The right time as a parent to have that conversation with your children should be early; as early as when they start primary school.

No matter where you are now and perhaps you have not had the drug talk? Then the best time is now. Parents need to suppress their feelings of awkwardness for the sake of their children and wards. It is not a matter of if the children will be exposed to it, rather it is a question of when. The exposure comes in the form of social media, a song, friends and other places you cannot control. 

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Pay Attention to Details

Parents should have a detailed conversation with young teens of this generation on several issues. They should also ensure that they know the signs to look out for. 

A young teen indulging in any vice finds it easy to actually pretend and hide the vice from everyone. Shockingly, many young teens are abusers of drugs and yet they craftily hide it from the knowledge of people around them. Many times it is only in extreme denigrating stages that you will be able to recognize drug abusers openly. It is safe to assume that drug abusers learn the act of secrecy as a craft. This craftiness necessitates parents to be on their toes and observant.

All details matter, every strange behaviour needs to be questioned. Parenting is a full-time job. [Read: Keep your children safe and talk about Drug abuse]

Be Proactive

Parents; talking to your children does not end with just conversations. Tackling and curbing societal menace like drug abuse requires parents to be proactive. Ending an era of drug abuse involves parents being a role model in every ramification. Success in parenting does not just follow the “do as I say” rule but includes the “do as I do method”.

The job becomes easier when parents are seen doing what they preach. Parents should not involve in self-medication because this can be the start of drug abuse and lead to substance abuse. Parents should also encourage medical checkups. The young adults watch all actions of parents and these contribute in no small measure to discouraging the proliferation of the high rate of drug abuse.

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It is Never Too Late

In the parenting journey, no matter how difficult it gets, giving up is never an option. There are cases when you will employ all means and yet success will seem like a myth.  It is therefore important for parents to keep their heads high and re-strategize. It will never be okay for parents to give up or feel so overwhelmed that they do not try.

In the situation where a parent finds out a child is an abuser of drugs, it is important that the parents are still available for such a child to beat the addiction.

Do All In Love

Have you experienced how young adults hate to be controlled? The feeling of being told what to do or commanded on how to live have been responsible for many of the social vices being dealt with in society.

In addition to having conversations and taking different steps to ensure children do not abuse drugs. Parents must take all steps in love and communicate with love. Using harsh judgement, intolerance or lack of affection makes the process of raising a child a shaky process.  

It is helpful for parents to understand why teens sometimes engage in drug abuse. Read more on this here. 

Teaching and relating with young adults with love truly caps it all up in ensuring parents succeed in raising well-rounded children.

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