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How to Make Summer a Family Affair

Summer vacation is around the corner, and it is a time for the children to get a much needed long break from school. For many families, the summer is time to spend together and the question is what will you do to fill the time. The children need to stay occupied and parents need to make this decision sooner rather than later on how to keep them engaged positively.

The best summer vacations are the ones that are a family affair, where every member of the family has a say in what happens. Here are our top tips on how to make summer a family affair.

summer holiday LagosMums
Great Bonding Time

To make summer a true family affair see it as a great time to relax and bond. Everyone is more relaxed without schools runs, homework and other demands. Parents rather than dread this time can see it as a time to enjoy as a family. Think of what parts of the summer you can do together as a family. There are probably somethings you do not have as much time to get done when the children are in school and this is a great time to plan what these activities could be. For example, your children could go to work with you for some of the time and even more exciting is if you are planning to travel as a family. 

Travel together as a Family 

Summer vacation is a perfect time to travel. As a family when you travel together it is an opportunity to spend quality time together and do some new things. Because most children are out of school around the world over the summer; you would be spoilt for choice on all the interesting activities holding at various vacation spots. Nigerian families tend to love to travel to the US, UK or South Africa over the summer holidays. However, there are many options and places to explore together. Make it a family affair and get everyone on board, decide where you would like to travel to as a family and plan for it. Get the children involved in researching possible activities at your destination. 

The earlier you start planning the better the deals. Check out Travelstart for amazing summer travel deals to several destinations in Africa, Europe, America, Asia and more. 

Parents Take time off work

Another way to make summer a family affair is for the parents to take time off from work and their busy schedules. Summer on average is about eight weeks long and most parents cannot take this whole time off. But it would be a great time for parents to request for some vacation time and spend it focused on quality family time. In some parts of the world, there are summer hours for working parents. 

Plan a family digital detox and get off the devices and spend real quality time. Everyone in the family can take time to pick up a new hobby or explore a new skill together. 

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Explore as Tourists

Summer and exploration should go hand in hand. There is no point travelling together for example as a family and you spend all the time shopping and or just watching television. You could do that here at home in Lagos! So when you travel take the time to explore together, behave like actual tourists and visit places of interest to all the members of the family.

You could also explore your home as a tourist and see your town from a different light. Have your children ever visited the National Theatre for example? What about travel to neighbouring African countries like Ghana? You could book a local flight in and around Nigeria, perhaps the children have never been to Abuja? Take a short family trip there. 


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Family Summer Special Activities

Think late nights, no homework to sign, no early wake ups! This is all you need to create your own family summer special activities. Get creative, travel, watch movies at home and in the cinemas, try an indoor picnic, go swimming, have a family barbeque or go to the beach. 

The goal with Summer is to have as much fun as possible and make it a family affair. Encourage your child to keep a summer journal and that way the children will have so many exciting things to share when they resume and remember the summer with fond memories.

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