How To Celebrate Easter With Your Family This Year!

Easter Holiday is a Holiday usually celebrated by Christians. It is a time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life to pave a victorious way for saints and sinners alike. The Holiday as we all know comprises of Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday.

The General Way To Celebrate Easter In Nigeria

Since Easter always falls on a Sunday and spills over to Easter Monday which also is a public holiday, the basic things we do to celebrate Easter in Nigeria involves attending Church service for Christians. While some people may decide to use this time to have a family feast like weddings, others basically see it as a day or two away from work. There is a “Phew” feeling.

Then of course after that, it’s back to reality! The question is do most of us really enjoy the so-called, much anticipated 3 working days off?

Here are a few tips on how to have a memorable Easter Holiday!

Do not Just attend church, have a retreat!

As a Christian, don’t let the Easter Holiday be about merriment and fun activities only, let it also be a time for you to reflect on your relationship with your maker. Do a personal retreat. Strengthen your spiritual life for better days to come (we all know there will be storms). Easter is the perfect time for a personal retreat as you think about the reason for Easter!

Teach your children about Easter

The message of Easter is more than bunnies, Easter egg hunts, sleeping in and enjoying a long weekend. You might wonder how to teach your children about Easter. Easter has a real message and is indeed at the core of what Christianity is about. Read how to teach children about Easter here.

child learning the bible | Easter

Make Easter decorations too, not only food!

As a general norm in Nigeria, it is believed that one should decorate the house only for Christmas. Well no, there are several Easter decorations that you can do in the house. You can either buy them or make them (given we all know that we are in the “Change Era” ). So pardon my stinginess but DIY is very much accepted! See here for Easter Decorations.

In other words, do something different and nice, beautify your homes, and let people know that you aren’t joking, and YES! you’re going all out to celebrate the resurrection of your Saviour. I mean how will they know if the only things coming out of your house is the smell of Jollof rice and chicken. Yes, that’s good, but is that all you can do to celebrate this very special Holiday?

Do not go out just because you have to, go out to create family memories and have fun while you’re at it!

Given the characteristics of Nigerians, there will be several activities to choose from. There will be weddings, freedom, birthday parties, fairs and several other wonderful events that will be happening around. Look for one that you know you and your family will enjoy going to together, and have a memorable time. See Exciting things to do with your family this Easter here

Celebrate easter

If you want to stay indoors, make it fun for the kids!

Customize your own Easter egg scavenger hunt!

Hide plastic eggs around the house and ask the kids to look for them. The winner will be the person with the most eggs. Or to make it fairer, hide plastic eggs with clues inside to guide them to the next hiding spot,  ending with a final clue that leads to a small prize at the end of the hunt. This is a great way to make the search more organised and less competitive as you watch your kids work together.

So Mums do not just let this Easter go by like the last one. Get closer to God, have fun, relax and create memories, trust me they go a long way!

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