How to Teach Your Children About Easter

When you ask your children about Easter, what exactly do they say? There are lots of celebrations that even adults don’t know the origin or the true meaning of, and this is then lost to children as well.

Easter is one of them. Most of the things we see are mentions of Easter egg hunts, parties, and travel. The message of Easter is more than bunnies, Easter egg hunts, sleeping in and enjoying a long weekend. You might wonder how to teach your children about the real message of easter which is indeed at the core of what Christianity is about.

You might wonder how to teach your children about Easter. Easter has a real message and is indeed at the core of what Christianity is about Share on X


How To Teach About Easter

Some churches show movies like the passion of Christ to children in Sunday school. However, I believe this is too graphic for young children. We cannot be silent on the real reason for Easter. It is so important to ensure that our children don’t think that it is all about chocolates and bunnies. Rather is it a celebration, of the obedience of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice, and the shedding of his blood. If not for his resurrection, we would all not be here living a life of victory and power.

The more we talk about the Lord, the earlier our children learn the truth about the kingdom and understand what God is about. When my daughter was much younger, I was telling her about my happiness that there was an altar call for people who wanted to give their lives to Christ after the Sunday service. I told her how thrilled I was to see lots of people come forward. And explained that this is because every time we get someone to give their life to Christ, God is happy.

She asked me what it means for them to give their life to Christ and I explained that it means they are now born again and that they would be growing closer to God every day. After listening to me she said, “Mum I want to be born again”.  She reminded me that she has asked before and that she also wants to be baptized.

Be A Channel

I started to say that I will ask in church about the process for children getting baptized. Right then at that moment, I recalled the message that was preached in church earlier. The pastor said that we should seek to have the fire for God and we should be able to evangelise, bring people to church and convert people. It was clear that this was an opportunity to evangelise right here. The pastor had cautioned us not to overcomplicate it because God expects us all to bring people to his kingdom. [Read: What Easter Celebrates]

So I switched into that mode and told her to say  “I receive Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour”. Then I told her about God’s love. And how God so loved us that he sent his only beloved son to die on the cross for us. I explained that Jesus dying on the cross for us was the ultimate sacrifice, and this is the price that he paid for her. God knows her and even while she was in the womb he knew her and set her apart.

I told her that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is inside her and she has access to that power. Told her she has the power to speak words of life and that the holy spirit dwells inside her. That the holy spirit is with her everywhere she goes. I explained that she doesn’t have a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I also told her that she will never be the same again because now she walks in the knowledge of God’s love for her. She knows she is an ambassador of the kingdom.

Easter is the perfect time to tell people about Christ, to bring people to church and to let them know about God's love. Share on X


You know not only was she empowered by the end of our conversation; I had her repeat all the things I said in the first person. It was like she took vitamins for life! I also felt empowered and full of a renewed sense of God’s love. The best part of it all? I hadn’t planned it and it’s as if the holy spirit touched my lips with the words to speak. Amazingly, the message I just heard in church in the morning played out on the same day.

Bringing people to God and sharing the message of Easter is not as hard as we imagine. You first have to remove doubt and then you have to do it. So the next time you have a chance to tell people about God, tell them what you know genuinely.

Easter is the perfect time to tell people about Christ, to bring people to church and to let them know about God’s love.

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