How To Fireproof Your Home

A serious  fire outbreak recently occurred at Abule Egba destroying buildings, shops, vehicles and other valuable property in it’s wake. This brought to mind how easy and often household fires take place. The thought of having a household fire is terrifying.

It can destroy your home and reduce personal belongings to ashes and soot. The most frightening thought is that it can also take the lives of your loved ones and pets. However, the good news is that you don’t have to live in fear of this destructive force. Is your home fireproof? Below we have provided some useful tips on how to fireproof your home as well as protect your family.

Fire proof

You cannot make your home truly fireproof, but you can use these tips to make it safer. When you know what steps to take, you will be prepared for a fire and will know what to do if the worst happens.

Household fires are usually caused by;
  1. Distraction while cooking
  2. Poor wiring and faulty electric wires
  3. Having electrical outlets close to water sources
  4. Poor handling of candles and lanterns which are typically found in Nigerian homes
  5. Inquisitive young children – kids can cause a fire merely out of curiosity

From the causes of household fires listed above, it’s quite obvious that even the most careful family can still fall victim of a household fire if the correct measures are not put in place. The first rule to remember is that no home is truly fireproof. so you must be prepared.

What can you do to fireproof your home?

1. Install Smoke-detectors

The fist step is to install smoke-detectors around the house to ensure that you’re notified every time there is a fire or smoke outbreak in the house. Alarms should be on every level of the house, and you should have one outside the bedroom doors too. Change the batteries annually, and test them once a month by holding down the test button.

Having smoke alarms is one thing, maintaining them is something that many homeowners often forget about. Check your alarm system every 4 months and replace any batteries that may be weak. Presuming that the alarm works (when it doesn’t)  increases the danger from home fires.

2. Install  AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

is your home fireproofHaving a smoke detector alone is simply not enough. Fire extinguishers are the best defense against fires.  AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is a good alternative to regular fire extinguishers that we don’t always know how to use. It is a cheap, reliable and effective automatic extinguisher. One can either install it in any fire risk areas or throw it into a fire (if there is one). This Fire Extinguishing Ball will put out the fire by itself thus protecting lives, properties and investments. Unlike regular fire extinguishers that are manual and expire after a few months, It lasts for 5 years without monthly and yearly maintenance/servicing. 

It’s common to see them in kitchens, where most fires start. But to be as safe as possible, there should be an AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball in every room of the house. Make sure that there is one near every fireplace in the house and don’t forget the store and garage (if you have one). Garages are an often overlooked fire hazard. Because of the amount of flammable material that is stored there and the presence of gas and oil, fires that start here can grow rapidly.

 If your’e based in Nigeria, you can buy or order your  AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball from Jumia . For people outside Nigeria you can get it here on Amazon.
3. Take Exit Precautions
is your home fireproof

This starts with making sure that firefighters can access your home and victims have easy access out in case of a fire. This is particularly important in rural areas where roads may not be clearly marked or they may be narrow and steep. Inspect your drives and entrances to make sure that a fire truck can find and access your home in the event of an emergency.

Inside the home, make sure that you have exit points from every room. Bedrooms must have two points of exit, usually the main door and at least one window. Don’t just talk to your kids about fire safety and escape routes. Have them practice climbing out the window and dropping into your arms or using a ladder. Have them crawl around the floor to simulate crawling under a cloud of smoke. This exercise doesn’t have to scare them. You can make it fun by going through the exercises with them. The important thing is that they will remember the lessons when they need them most. Have a meeting spot where the family knows to gather after exiting the home in a fire.

4. Take other necessary precautions

– Do not leave matches and lighter where small kids can find them.

– Remember to turn off electrical appliances when you go out or when not in use.

– Have faulty appliances inspected and cleaned very often to avoid fires.

– Leaving a room with a candle burning for a few minutes may seem harmless but it takes just a second for a gust of wind to knock it over or for a child to accidentally knock against the table it is on and cause it to fall. Always make sure that you extinguish candle when leaving the room, even if it is for a very short time. Usage of  rechargeable lamps in the home are more preferable, most especially in homes where children are present.

5. Never take the dangers of fire for granted

Fireproofing your home does not mean that you are immune to the dangers of fire. But fireproofing does minimize the risk of injury and loss and this is something that every homeowner should pay attention to. Your home may be insured, but there are things that money can never replace which a fire could destroy. And the risk to life that a fire poses should never be ignored. Talk to your insurance agent about the fireproofing you are doing. Often the extra precautions you take can lower the cost of your home insurance and reduce the impact of any costs that the fireproofing entailed.

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If there is ever a fire outbreak in your home, follow these steps to protect yourself and your family:

– Get out immediately without trying to save any possession. You can buy another TV, but your family cannot replace you.

– Crawl under the smoke. If clothes are on fire, remember to stop, drop and roll.

– Meet at the predetermined spot to see if everyone is okay.

– Call the fire department or security around your area for assistance.

Stay safe!

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