How to pack light when Travelling with Toddlers

It is almost Easter, and with most families being indoors for it last year due to the pandemic; surely we would be eager to pack our bags for a nice little trip this time around. But whether you’re packing to go for a walk to the park or your planning a trip across the country; when your travelling with toddlers packing poses a problem. How to pack light travelling with toddlers is a little more difficult than packing for an infant. Toddlers need stimulation in the form of toys and snacks not to mention clothes and equipment. Toddlers require almost constant attention and need supervision almost all the time.

So how do you decide how to pack light travelling with toddlers and what do you need to pack? This will depend largely on where you’re going, how long you’re going for, and how you’re getting there? Whatever the answers you will need to consider all the possibilities. If you travel with kids, things to keep on hand all the time include diapers, spear clothes, and sanitary items.

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It is often not a matter of how to pack light when travelling with toddlers it is more a question of how to pack effectively. No matter what, you have to plan for the unexpected that is likely when you travel with kids. Things to keep in mind when planning for your trip is that you can’t predict everything so it is better to prepare. Start planning and preparing early, don’t leave it to the last minute. Write yourself what to pack travel checklist and cross off the items as you get them. Put those items aside and get them ready for packing so you don’t misplace them and have to rush at the last minute.

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What Should you Pack?

Before you start packing consider what you are going to use for packing. When you travel with kids things to keep in mind are the mess factor. You are better off using a bag for your toddler that is waterproof and easily cleaned. Your what-to-pack travel checklist should consist of at least the following;travelling pack

  • Diapers – required and extras in case of emergencies
  • Blankets – you should take at least two blankets for your toddler
  • Plastic bags/ziplock bags – for storing diapers, clothes, and rubbish. This will just help keep the mess to a minimum.
  • Tissues/wipes – essential when you travel with kids, things to keep handy
  • Sanitizer wipes –these are the best option for cleaning up any mess when it comes to your kids.
  • Toys/books – to keep your toddler entertained, long trips can be very hard on children so you want to provide adequate stimulation.
  • Clothes – enough for two changes a day. You never know what accidents or spills will happen so take a change of clothes on the plane, boat, or in the car as well as two changes per day.
  • Sun hat – a sunburnt toddler is not going to be fun on a long trip.
  • Juice boxes, sipping cup – something that won’t spill, you also want to keep hydration levels up when travelling.
  • Food – snacks for the trip
  • Laundry soap / pre-laundry stain stick – This could be a lifesaver for removing nasty stains while away from home.
  • Car seat – this is essential for travel by car or plane.
  • Stroller – another item that will help you enjoy your time as you won’t be worried about carrying your toddler or them having to walk long distances.

These are essential items you need to have on your what to pack travel checklist to ensure you can enjoy your trip. Some other items that you need to think about when considering how to pack light when travelling with toddlers are items that will help you as a parent. These include changes of clothes for you in case of travel emergencies, snacks and drink for you, a separate bag for you and your toddler, something to read, and your camera. These will just make it easier for you to relax and enjoy the trip.

Your what to pack travel checklist is a guide that reminds you of general considerations for when you travel with kids. Things to keep in mind as well are any specific requirements your kids may have. This could be medicine, nightlights, specialty foods, allergy medicines or creams, comforters, favourite toys, or teddy bears. All of these things will make your trip run more smoothly and ensure your toddler will have everything he/she needs.

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