How to Parent When Children Make Bad Choices

making choices Parents want everything to go right when it comes to raising their children. Here are some tips from christianpost on how to parent when children make bad choices. Children grow up, become adults and parents are not able to make choices for them. As children grow into adults, parents can only guide and encourage but ultimately cannot fix everything any longer. Below are some tips to help when parents are agonising over what to do and how to help adult children.

1. Ease your guilt.

Every parent makes mistakes. However, as an adult, your son or daughter is now old enough to make their own choices and to take responsibility for them.

2. Understand the burden of getting life back on track is your child’s, not yours.
As parents, this is a truth that’s all-too-easy to forget. Your role now is to encourage your adult child to make better choices and to give him advice if he asks for it. Just remember that he or she is old enough to take responsibility for his or her own life now, so let them be their own person.

3. Let your child suffer the consequences of his choices.
This piece of advice is a difficult one for parents to live out. But the bottom line is if you rescue your child from every problem, he may never feel a reason to live differently. So do not be too quick to save him from his pain. Trust God, because He can use tough consequences to bring about humility, repentance and change.

4. Pray for your son or daughter.
Parents of grown children may not be in a place to directly impact their choices like they could when their child was young; that’s why, in some ways, parenting a grown child requires more faith than before. That’s why prayer is so important. God can still speak to your child’s heart and God can still supernaturally work in his or her life.

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