How To Prepare Your Child For Online Exams

Schools in Lagos, Nigeria have been closed since the 26th of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic with no resumption date in sight.  As a result, most private schools have been giving online lectures. Children who are currently learning online may eventually have online exams to test what they have learnt so far. Is your child prepared for this possibility? Below are 7 things to consider when preparing your child for online exams.

Exam periods remain a delicate time for kids. Children certainly need guidance in coping with the demands that come with it. For some students, taking an online exam is a new and somewhat daunting experience. Many of the steps they will take to prepare for an online exam are quite similar to the steps for physical exams. However, the online environment needs a bit of extra preparation.

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1.Study well for each exam!

It is good to know what material will be on the exam and how the exam will be structured. Knowing what your child will have to do will help you prepare them. You can consult the the teacher for more information regarding the exam. Set up a timetable for your child’s study, write down how many exams he/she will have and the days it will hold then organize their study accordingly. Depending on your child, you may want to give some exams more study time than others, so find a balance that your child feels comfortable with.  Don’t encourage last minute rush reading!

2. Know the exam format.

What kinds of questions will the instructor use on the exam – multiple-choice, fill-in, short answer, essay or a combination of all types? Also, be aware of any potential time limits. Some exams are limited to 30-60 minutes, depending on the subject and how much time is required to answer each question. Be certain of the date of the exam.

3. Practice before the exam

Ask the teacher for a practice exam and have your child take it. Ask for any additional recommendations for preparing for the exam.

4. Check the PC or computer.

Although technical problems cannot be predicted, it is good to do a few checks to prevent what you can. Whether your child is using your own computer or a tablet, verify that it has all the correct hardware and software well in advance of the exam. Also, make sure the Internet connection is strong. If you encounter any issue, notify the school about the situation and take a screen shot for proof if possible.

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6. Dedicate a spot with minimal distractions for the exam

Turn off all notifications from phones, email, and anywhere else on the device. Shut off the TV and radio. Let family know that he/she will be taking an exam, so that they are less likely to interrupt during that time.

7. Put all required items within reach

If notes or textbooks are allowed, put them within reach. Have all resources like calculation notes and pens or a calculator organized so that all materials he/she might need during the exam are easily reachable.

Knowledge, preparation, and awareness are the best tools when preparing for an online exam. Remind your child to read the guidelines before they start, check their work before they submit and be confident; there’s no need to panic.

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