How To Raise A Happy Nigerian Kid

Raising kids takes a lot of effort and if some vital things involved in raising them are ignored, the child and the parents will have some regrets in the future. It is one thing to raise a child and another to raise a happy child.

Nigeria is one country with a lot of challenges like some other countries, which contributes in reducing the quality of a successful up bringing of children.  As parents, there are a lot of things which should be done and things that should not be ignored in bringing up kids, if you want to bring up happy kids.

Happy Nigerian kid

Recently an author published a book titled “The Happiest Nigerian Kid”; which has some rudiments that are ignored by Nigerian parents in bringing up their kids, which is very key in bringing up kids that will be happy and become the leaders of tomorrow; like we have always heard.

Every parent wants to raise happy and successful kids; with all the parenting advices out there, some are confused on which to take.

Below are some tips to raise a happy and sucessful Nigerian Kid—

1. Create a happy atmosphere in the family:

When there is happiness in the family, irrespective of how rich or poor you are, there will be unity and this has a positve effect on the child.

2.Communicate well with your children:

As parents try to have a very good and healthy communication system with your kids,it is very key. When you talk and listen to your children, you will be able to know them better and guide them properly.

3. Create an atmosphere of trust:

Don’t be too forcy as parents, give your children the room to express themselves and create an atmosphere of trust. This will make your children see you not just as parents but as a friend and they will be able to open up to you anytime.

4. Invest in the talents of your kids:

Just like the idea in the book “The Happiest Nigrian Kid”, invest in the talents of your kids and help them develop their entrepreneur mindset. A lot of parents are ignoring this and focusing only on quality education. Therefore, It is good to give your children quality education but; don’t ignore the fact that they have peculiar talents which should be given attention too.

5.Teach your children to manage their emotions:

Children who are able to manage their emotions can be more productive. It will help them to be healthier.

6. Developer their faith:

Make your children to develop personal interest in your faith, teach them how to believe in God.

7. Make them confident:

Make them develope confidence in them themselves.

8. Support them:

Give your children all the support you can, show interest in their interest.

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