How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher – Guide for Parents

It is the beginning of a new term and your child will be entering a new class with a new teacher. How to talk to your child’s teacher to get the best out of your child is critical. The relationship between the teacher and the parent should be healthy to ensure that your child excels. Scholastic shares some great tips that encourage a healthy relationship between teacher and parents. Remember starting on the right foot will ensure a smooth term and year. When clear expectations and good communication exist it will be a pleasant school year for everyone!

how to talk to teachers
Tips on How To Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

The following is a guide and tips on how to talk to your chid’s teacher.

Teachers should be addressed professionally. 

It is best to refer to the teachers officially such as  “Mr. Bade” or “Mrs. Smith”. Teachers should not be addressed by their first names, as this also sets the right tone for the children. It sets an example of respect for students when they hear parents address teachers officially. Remember your child needs to respect their teacher and you need to set the tone so you can deal with any issues and expectations professionally from day one.

Teachers Follow Schedules.

It’s imperative that parents schedule a time to talk or meet with the teacher rather than just showing up at the door expecting to talk. Most likely, they will have up to 20 or 30 students waiting for that teacher at any time of the day. It is better to show respect for the teachers schedule and ask for a suitable time to have a conversation.

Teachers are busy. 

They attend school-wide meetings, department meetings, and team meetings. In addition, they research, plan, and prepare each and every lesson, and activity. They assess every student and evaluate that child’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs and are constantly doing what they can to see that each student meets certain social and academic benchmarks. So when you are talking to your child’s teacher, keep it specific and concise.

If you are known as the parent who wants to take all the teachers time for your child, she or he might avoid you. You are better off scheduling a time for longer conversations.

Teachers want the best for your child.

Teachers also care about their students, and want the best for your child and every child in their class. Keep this in mind during all interactions and know that almost every teacher proceeds with the best of intentions. They want your child to succeed, to exceed his or her potential, and to enjoy school. In the situation that you have challenges with a teacher(s) be professional, follow school rules, speak to management. Always be respectful, remember your children are watching and learning from you. If you disrespect their teacher, they will likely do the same.

Teachers are human. 

Teachers have a home and a life away from school. They occasionally make mistakes or have an off day, just like normal human beings do. Teachers have their personal challenges; while we do not expect them to take this out on your children, realize that they are also human. They also have the special duty of caring for many children all day everyday.

Remember, too, that a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way, especially in a profession that can be fairly thankless at times. So when it comes to how to talk to your child’s teacher, be kind, be courteous and be an ally.

We are all human and there might be times when there will be differences, always keep it in mind that you want what is best for your child and all children in the class.

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