Introducing Lily Pad Nanny Services

Introducing Lily Pad Nanny Services

Lily Pad hospitality services is a UK based child care service that is run and owned by Nora Jones who has got over 11 years experience in the child care sector. The agency provides a wide range of nannying services to families.

Lily Pad Nanny Services



Thorough screening and background checks are conducted on all nannies to ensure the right suitability for the roles. All the nannies are highly experienced and trained to a high standard. The agency has been providing nanny services to families  for 5 years and has a high success rate in the UK and have made an expansion to offer its services in Lagos Nigeria.

They offer the most secure and professional services to families who intend to use their services. Their aim is to offer a reliable professional and secure services to families and to ensure the protection of every child is met. Presently the agency is offering %5 for families that use their services long term on a monthly basis the agency will also be running a first aid training for all their nannies to ensure health and safety protocols are met.


For more information please visit the website at

Email: [email protected]

Call:     0806-516-8749

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