Introducing “A Little Girl Inspires”

LagosMums meets and talks with mums who are wearing many hats, here we are introducing “A Little Girl Inspires” written by Olufunke Adio.

Funke AdioTell us about yourself?

I am Olufunke Adio and I’m a Mum, writer, communicator, teacher, designer, wife and homemaker. I enjoy the art of acquiring knowledge and dispensing it [a.k.a teaching]. I am a perpetual student of communication and I’m relentlessly fascinated with the idea of creating new things.

I focus my creative energies mostly on designing interactive applications for learning and business with delivery via LAN, CD-Rom and the web. I am a facilitator for groups and organizations on management, administrative and productivity strategies.

I am the author and creator of ‘I CAN MEMORIZE!’ a unique creative learning resource for young children.

I am married with children and an occasional blogger, you will find some of my writings and interests at

Educational Background?

I obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ibadan and a PGD in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management also from the same University. I am an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria [CIPM] and obtained several certifications including a certification in Customer Service from the Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center, Inc. USA. Am also a member of the Church Administrators Society of Nigeria [CASON].

When did you start writing the book ‘A Little Girl Inspires”?

I started writing ‘A Little Girl Inspires’ some three years ago. Prior to this time, I had been documenting conversations with my then three year old daughter, because of her amusing and intriguing qualities but especially because I wanted to make certain I did not miss the sequence of our conversation when I relayed them to her dad.

In no time, I realized I had filled a few dozen loose sheets of paper with these dialogues and then an entire booklet! The chats soon became an obvious source of inspiration for the budding writer in me.ALGI

What inspired you to write the book?

Simply put, my daughter’s astute curiosity was the inspiration for the writing of this book. The other would be the desire to have other parents focus more on enjoying the quirky side of the little ones in their lives as opposed to being perpetually critical and uptight.

What have you learnt through the process?

The greatest lesson I have learnt from writing this book [and which I wish to project] is that children can indeed inspire us with their unique outlook to life as well as with their utterances – and it doesn’t matter if these come off as ridiculous, witty, or outright outrageous. I mean, my little daughter’s utterances inspired the writing of this book!

Any advice for Mums and their daughters?

My advice to Mums would be for them to give careful consideration to their parenting styles with a view to ascertaining what truly works for them as opposed to merely insisting on a parenting pattern based solely on how they were raised. I encourage parents to choose to shed off being constantly critical of their child’s outlook to life and rather just relish the gift of a young child. I hope that this book will also give them a chance to de-stress and have a good laugh as they relive moments of interesting conversations they have had with their own children.

Yes! I believe there is a special relationship between Mums and their daughters. In my experience, this is the case and it is a relationship I hope will continue to blossom in very special ways.

“A Little Girl Inspires” Review“This is humorous. It is a big reminder of the innocence and curiosity that children have. I am reminded to stretch my imagination to match that of my children as we only limit ourselves as we get older, it doesn’t have to be so. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and for sharing with us. Everyone who reads it will definitely remember how they used to dream as a child, they will also relieve the conversations they’ve had with children around them” – Yetunde Williams, Founder, 

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