Keep Your Home Clean And Children Safe

As parents, are you aware that your home is the most common place for your young children and yourself to be injured? If not, then you need to be! Young kids love to explore their homes, and since it is their home, they are often unaware of the potential dangers that each item or place within the home may pose.

The question then is: What then can you do to reduce this exposure to the barest minimum of NEVER.

I once read an article that outlines what we owe our children as parents and in order of priority it is

  • LOVE

Interestingly as emotional beings, we tend to put the love above all, which isn’t exactly bad but it’s best when it comes after Security and discipline.

I give you two examples:

  • Your child sees a Sharp object on the floor; would you love him enough for him to hold it? Absolutely not…

You will take it away from him – provide him SECURITY

Tell him not to toy with such objects any more – enforce DISCIPLINE

And you give him a bear hug, often times they are crying already – you SHOW LOVE

  • Let’s try another example: You go to a party with your child and he begins to get very cranky and unfriendly.

What do you do?

You take him out of the situation; it could just be to the next room or outside – show him SECURITY

You ask why he is acting that way and if necessary reprimand him – DISCIPLINE

You then assure him you still love him, either by rubbing is head, giving him a hug e.t.c – LOVE

Knowing how important SECURITY is, let us embark on this unique journey together on making our home the safest place to be, eliminating all potential and un-conscious hazards and providing adequate SECURITY for ourselves and children. I leave you with these quick tips on ponder upon:

How lighted and spacious is your house?

When buying items, do you choose carefully from a range of products whose safety is assured?

Are medications within reach of your children?

Is your home Child-Proof/Safe?

Are you available for your child to communicate with?
Enriching lives as much as God permits
Tunbosun O.A