Parenting consciousness conference

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Kidskintha Parenting Consciousness Conference is India’s first virtual conference for millennial parents with 28 experts from across the globe. There is no manual for parenting, this is why there will be experts from around the world to help you with all issues regarding parenting. Do you have any parenting questions, then this conference is for you. There are answers to everything, no matter what parenting stage you are in!

Parenting consciousness conference

You will get time-tested and research-tested wisdom from experts in child psychology, brain science, child development, neurology, emotional intelligence and much more directly to you!

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Meet the speakers from the diverse fields of neurology, psychology, mental health coaching, teaching and educational entrepreneurship who are speaking on the unique challenges of raising the current generation. The conference goes live between 15th of February and 18th of February 2019. Click here to register now for FREE.

Day 1: February 15th

TRACK #1: Practicing Child-Centered, Connection-Based Parenting

TRACK #2: Beating Parenting Overwhelm

Day 2: 16th February

TRACK # 3: Raising Children With Self-Awareness

TRACK #4: Making Sense Of Their Rapidly Changing Bodies And Minds 

Day 3: February 17th

TRACK #5: Raising Future-Ready Kids
TRACK #6: Raising Strong And Resilient Children

Day 4: February 18th

TRACK #7: Setting Children Up For Academic Success

BONUS TALK #1: Emotional Intelligence Leadership

BONUS TALK #2: Security Awareness & Training for Kids

The speakers will be focusing on these topics at Kidskintha Parenting Consciousness Conference:

1. Practicing child-centered, connection-based parenting

2. Beating Parenting Overwhelm

3. Raising children with self-awareness

4. Making sense of their rapidly changing bodies and minds

5. Raising Future-Ready kids

6. Raising strong and resilient children

7. Setting children up for academic success.

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Register now and get 48-hours of FREE access to over 28 interviews with experts from the fields of neurology, psychology, mental health coaching, teaching, and educational entrepreneurship (including the Center for Connection’s very own Clinical Director, Annalise Kordell, who will speak on “Coping Mechanisms for Children with Big Feelings”).


Parenting consciousness conference

You will receive an email at the start of the conference, and will have 48 hours to watch the various keynote addresses.

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