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Have you been to the Landmark Centre? if you have not please quickly get a space in your calendar and head off to social media week!

IMG_9657The Social Media week is a period dedicated to a series of talks, lectures and classes on the importance and effectiveness of social media for any Business, brand or company. There are activities round the clock so there is always an event you could pop into. We did not hesitate to attend the sessions that had a lot to share for women and we happily tagged it #wcw  (Woman Crush Wednesday) due to the long line up of masterclasses aimed towards the education and empowerment of women in technology.


One very interesting seminar hosted by Titilope Sonuga on overcoming the digital divide, powered by Intel explained how women from every stage of business could harness the unlimited power online. We met with members of  Organisations that conduct workshops that teach women how to develop websites, apps and business on social media and others that educate through these platforms as well. Women are considered to be naturally blessed with communication skills so imagine how much more  we can do with media amplified technology.

IMG_9669Other events like Vlogging 101 explained how video blogs can be created and used to generate revenue from anything from an interesting general lifestyle to food to business adverts. Eniola Abumere, one of the speakers explained how to create a Youtube page and generate engaging content.

Another Masterclass on acing the competition with branded content marketing talked about the tools one could use to improve media content and the strategies one could develop in order to catch a target audience at the right time and with the right emotions. To crown the very fulfilling day, a seminar on how to effectively use Instagram as a marketing tool for your business explained at length the various pitfalls one must avoid on Instagram (celebrities rarely manage their own account so don’t tag them, don’t do a collage with more than 3 pictures, etc.) and the various habits one must acquire to have a large, successful engaging followership (e.g always respond to comments, geotag, hashtag etc.)

Social Media for Working Mums or Stay-At-Home Mums

It is very important to attend at least one event this week because we live in an online age which has a million and one opportunities for women to tap into. For the working mum, social media can help boost brand awareness and attract customers probably faster than face to face contact, it could help you connect with major brands and network with companies with just a click of a button that could seal a major deal.

For the stay-at-home mums, this week could give you a sea of opportunities to make money from your living room, while taking care of baby or even in your sleep. Social media is a ticking time bomb which has exploded tons of revenue generating residue. This is the time to tap into the social media world in the global village called the internet world.

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