LagosMums Mum of the Month – Elaine Shobanjo

Our Lagosmums mum of the month is Elaine Shobanjo. Mum to three wonderful children and a devoted wife to her husband. She is an award-winning make-up artist and the founder of ShoMya salon and make-up studio. We really enjoyed talking with her. Read about this amazing mum as she shares about her tribe, her journey as a mum, work-life balance tips and so much more.

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Elaine Shobanjo, founder/CEO ShoMya Beauty Studio and Cosmetics. I’m a mum to 3 beautiful kids and a wife to my Mr. Right.

Can you share one unexpected thing about you?

Hmm. Many supposedly strange things about me exist o. I’ve never eaten fish in my life. Well, I love prawns and calamari but you’ll never catch me eating fish. So I have no clue what fish stew, fish pepper soup, grilled fish and all those other things taste like.

I don’t eat butter. Have never spread it on bread in my life.

Lastly, I almost gave birth in a car! Got to the hospital and that baby popped out within just 7 minutes!

Can you tell us all the hats you wear?

Oh My! Mum, wife, business owner, makeup artist, threading expert, that friend that checks on everyone, choosing playmate of the kids, driver, coordinator of all, pastor of the house, etc.

Tell Us About Your Beautiful Family.

God has blessed me with 3 children and a supportive husband. My kids are between the ages of 3 (4 next month) and 8. It was a bi-annual matter. Honestly, at some point, I felt I was always pregnant. I’ve got a beautiful girl and 2 handsome boys. All different personalities. Amazing to watch!


Do you and your spouse have the same parenting style?

I wouldn’t say so. We have the same goals and beliefs but we play different roles and execute differently.


What do you love the most about your job? How did you get started?

I love the flexibility it gives me and the opportunity to meet new people. It was all a dream until 2008. I was working in a Wealth Management firm in London and decided to pursue my passion for beauty. Upon completing my makeup training, I stayed in banking for another year. Within this time, I made sure my skills were honed and my knowledge, sharpened. I also made sure my finances were where they needed to be. In 2009, I hit the ground running and never looked back.

I made sure my skills were honed and my knowledge, sharpened. I also made sure my finances were where they needed to be. In 2009, I hit the ground running and never looked back. Click To Tweet

Did you always know you will run a business in this sector?

Oh yes! With God’s help of course. I knew I was going to TRY at least. That attempt was certainly in my plans. What I didn’t know was how successful we were going to be and how quickly!

What are your top 3 tips for business owners to run successful businesses?

  1. Be solving a problem. Don’t just say because you like something, you will do it.   I mean, it’s good to try but it’s better when your services/products are NEEDED.
  2. Know when to scale up. I wish I scaled up earlier actually. Strike when it’s hot!
  3. Always strategize. Business is not for the faint-hearted. Sometimes, you may feel like things are stalling. Go back to the drawing board, reevaluate, identify what’s needed, do not lie to yourself, and come back hotter, with a better plan.
3 Tips for Business Owners are be solving a problem, know when to scale up, Always strategize - Mum of the Month Elaine Shobanjo Click To Tweet

Can you share how the pandemic has affected you either personally or professionally? What’s your takeaway?

To be sincere, being locked down was a blessing in disguise. I needed to rest so badly and recharge my batteries, but I would never have really taken the time out to look after ME;  because in my mind, “how can I sleep when others are hustling?”

During this time, I rested, I had priceless family time with my kids and husband, I cooked and did things I hadn’t done in years! I gave God more time and the relationship got sweeter. And I loved it. I hated to see the world suffering and families destroyed by it though. I even initially was so thankful that I could see my kids in school with my own two eyes. Home school. It was priceless to see how they respond to what they are being taught, how they relate to their teachers and peers, etc. BUT man!!!! Home school started kicking my behind and I couldn’t take a minute more after some months!

Professionally, my God used lockdown to reposition my business! Once we reopened in July, it was unstoppable and unmatched showers of blessings. It hasn’t stopped. God is good, all the time indeed!

How are you raising your children to be ready for an ever-changing world?

First and foremost, I am raising them to have personal relationships with God. They are so inquisitive about Him and I love that. Sometimes, when they come to tell me their fears or problems, I ask them “and did you tell God about it? What did He say?”.  It gets them thinking about their relationship with Him. My youngest who is 3 years old, might say “I told Him but He didn’t say anything!” and it will lead to a conversation about God’s nature and power. THESE  are the kinds of seeds I want to sow. I can’t shout o. This new world is too fast for me!

I pay attention to who their friends are and the characteristics of these friends while moulding them to believe in their own beliefs and values, without compromising.

My kids are raised to feel safe to share anything whatsoever with me. No matter how bad they may think it is. Truth is, this parenting matter isn’t easy and if you think you don’t need the grace of God, think again!


What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

OH MY! What hasn’t it taught me?

Motherhood has taught me to not be too hard on myself, to live in the moment, to multitask at a level even Harvard won’t prepare you for, and not to lose myself while wearing so many hats to please everyone!

It’s also taught me that sleep is a luxury that not many women can’t afford AND If I eat junk like kids, I will swell faster than them!

Can you tell us some of the funniest things your children have done?

It’s really never a dull moment.

My 3 year old cried every morning when we dropped him in his new school. For a week straight. One day, as we were dropping him, he saw a girl in his class coming out of her own car. My son grabbed his school bag and walked majestically after her. Not a tear in sight. He waved goodbye but felt it necessary to whisper that we should not be late to pick him up in the afternoon! As in, because I’m forming big boy here to please her, don’t leave me here forever!


How do you balance work and parenting? Is it possible to achieve this?

This balance eh!!! Sometimes we achieve it and sometimes we are overwhelmed! I don’t want my kids to grow up and I’d have missed everything. So, I make sure I prepare quality time with them. Children remember what you say AND what you do. So, it’s great to tell them you love them and you are proud of them but if you spend zero time with them, they may not always feel loved. In addition, kids of these days are quick to tell you how they feel. “You promised to take us here but you didn’t”, “you are always on your phone”, “must you work every day?”.

Once upon a time, I’d run out of my house on a Saturday morning as early as 6 am sometimes, so I could attend to up to 2/3 brides that morning. Sometimes, I’d take my youngest baby at the time with me, and a nanny. I didn’t want to miss anything. Watching the tiny baby in one corner made me feel like I had the best of both worlds. A real working mum on the go.

However, as my tribe got bigger, I no longer wanted to leave 3 kids under the age of 5 yrs at home every Saturday morning. So, I cut back on the brides, pushed more wig sales (the money was pretty much the same and my presence wasn’t compulsory) and had good family time in the mornings before rushing to the studio. A worthy sacrifice in my opinion.

So remember that each time you buy a wig from us, you are giving me more family time. Wink wink. 😁


How important is a support system for a mum? Who is in your Tribe and what kind of support do you have?

For me, having a support system is non-negotiable! I can’t work full time and be at home full time. And neither should suffer. Mum guilt is so real!! My children don’t deserve to have just my tired, stressed leftovers. They deserve to have a fun, prayerful mum who listens and cuddles and I make sure I provide this. The environment they dwell in determines how they thrive. I’m so conscious of this and very appreciative of all those who help make this happen. From our nanny who has been with us for almost 9 years, to the amazing Grandparents and siblings who step in ever so often. My children are surrounded by love.

Mum guilt is so real!! My children don’t deserve to have just my tired, stressed leftovers. They deserve to have a fun, prayerful mum who listens and cuddles and I make sure I provide this. Click To Tweet

Use one word to describe one thing that should not be missing from every home.


Expressed love. (I know these are 2 words but I did say just “love” initially)

Share one self-care tip. How do you relax and spend time on yourself?

Honestly, the one self-care gift I need is silence. So, if I get a few hours alone and I do nothing whatsoever, I’m happy. Alternatively, two hours at the spa works wonders too. (Hint hint, birthday is Nov 9th dear readers)

Lately, we’ve done some time at hotels around Lagos as a family and that’s been awesome!! Very good for the mind and body I tell you.


Can you tell us how you stay stylish and what’s your beauty routine?

Hmmm, I’m all about making my eyes stand out, wearing no foundation or powder, and keeping my mask firmly planted on my face! Covid is real and my style has adjusted to that.

Thankfully, we have a fabulous ShoMya eye kit that I use every day to make my eyes pop. You’ll be amazed at how perfectly shaped eyebrows alone can make a difference to your look. Take it up a notch by smoking the eyes out or wearing our ShoMya jet black eyeliner and thank me later! I tend to stick to brown or black eye shadow colours and believe me, they come out looking more “natural” than other colours.

I certainly have nothing against wearing powder and foundation. That was my favourite thing pre-Covid. Now, with compulsory masks mixed with our Lagos heat, I just can’t deal!

I’m so glad that my skin cleared up over the years. I used to have acne. All that cleared just in time for this new no-foundation era. Do you see how God cares about what might seem so insignificant to some? He makes all things perfect in His own time. Love Him so much!

What do you love about LagosMums?

The voice it gives to women to validate their feelings.


#MumGoals Trivia

1million Naira or more sleep?

Bring that cash o! Who sleep help? Mums have learnt how to thrive on minimum sleep…not minimum cash, please.

Would you prefer to go on a shopping spree or an all-expense-paid trip to your dream destination?

There is absolutely no comparison! I’d take that holiday ANY day!!!

Homeschooling or traditional school?

If I ever hear the words “home school” again eh!!!

A spa day or Eat Out?

Definitely the spa day. Where do I sign up? Already dreaming of it.

It was so lovely learning more from our mum of the month, Elaine Shobanjo. Thank you for sharing with us.

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