Brand New CN Dance Challenge show!

Brand-new CN Dance Challenge show is popping and locking its way to Cartoon Network!

If you’re struggling to see past the heavy cloud of dust rising around Cartoon Network this October, don’t be alarmed! That’s because the coolest kids’ channel will be turning up the volume; bumping up the beats, and serving some serious moves; with the brand-new CN Dance Challenge launching from Saturday, 2nd of October at 09:15 CAT!!

New Dancing Series

Following three successful seasons of Cartoon Network’s Pop Up Party; this new original and exciting dancing series brings on two super-talented animated dance instructors; Anwuli and Kingsley. Every week, Anwuli and Kingsley will ‘pop up’ on-air – and on This will be with a new African-inspired dance routine created using an exciting mix of exclusive CN Dance Challenge music tracks for kids to follow. Every week, there will also be a surprise battle with either Anwuli or Kingsley; and a kid who managed to crack the dance from the week before in their own unique style.

With Shaku Shaku, Shakara, Ngimuhle, Cat Dance and many more Afro-dances; viewers will feel like they have taken a trip around the continent! Anwuli and Kingsley will stop at nothing to get everyone on their feet and put their best foot forward. Get ready for all this as they join the Cartoon Network dance crew!

Dance Talent

True to its mission to work with African creators to bring audiences across the continent;  content that is authentic and feels like home. The Cartoon Network worked with talented Nigerian director-animator Benjamin Sokomba Dahzi, popularly known as Bennydee. Dahzi, used his cutting-edge innovative motion capture techniques to bring the two characters to life. “I’m really excited to have partnered with Cartoon Network on this project and admire the commitment the brand is making to unearth and develop African talent,” he says.

“At Cartoon Network, we are committed to getting closer to our audience. And with the incredible audience response to our last three dance shows across South Africa and Kenya; we wanted to continue showcasing some incredible African kids’ talents while contributing to the development of local animation,” says Ariane Suveg Head of Kids channels Africa, France and Israel.

“At the same time, we wanted to create something new and innovative. This culminated in the creation of two animated characters, especially for this new show in collaboration with a fantastic African talent from Nigeria, Benjamin Dahzi!” she adds.

Are you ready to bust some moves, dance up a storm and impress in Cartoon Network’s (dance) battle? Head on over to Cartoon Network Africa on Saturday, 2 October @ 09:15 CAT to find out!

Cartoon Network Africa is available on DStv, channel 301, and GOtv, channel 67 (Ghana 158 and Uganda 356).





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