LagosMums Mum of the Month – Ijeoma Ndukwe

Our LagosMums mum of the month is Ijeoma Ndukwe, founder and CEO of Bubez Foods and a mother of 3 lovely children.

Please tell us about yourself? And one unexpected thing about you?

My name is Ijeoma Ndukwe. One definitely unexpected thing about me is that I love to curl up in my room and by myself, I don’t like socializing.

Ijeoma Ndukwe Mum of the MonthCan you share all the hats/roles that you wear?

I am the MD/CEO of Bubez Foods a foods processing and packaging company whose primary product is Bubez Pap. I am the chief brand strategist at Bubez Centre and the founder of White lilies, a faith-based organization whose mission is to restore hope.

Tell us about your beautiful family?

I am a single parent of 3 adorable kids. My oldest daughter is 13yrs, my older son is 11yrs and the baby of the house is 7yrs.

What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

What has excited more than surprised me the most is my relationship with my kids as they grow older. They are my best friends and business partners. I run most decisions by them and ask their input.

What has motherhood taught you about yourself?

Motherhood and I dare say parenting teaches me about my walk with God. When things happen between myself and my kids, in my quiet time God uses it to teach me about His love and mercy.

What was the inspiration behind starting Bubez food?

I would always give my children pap as their staple weaning meal until they are 2 years but I never bought in the market, I always prepared it at home. This one time in August 2012, I realized I could be the person processing the pap for other busy working mums.

How do you use Digital Media/Social media to grow your business?

On my personal page @nwanyiakamu_global, I put out my work progress to let others know that it’s possible and doable in-spite of the challenges experienced in business and on their entrepreneurial journey.  Our business page @bubezpap focuses on creating brand awareness for the business.

What inspired you to start Rubies circle?

I started it as a part of my ministry to serve single parents. We know the stigma society places on single parents with failed marriages. However, considering that I am pulling through pretty nicely plus my passion for a wholesome family life and marriage; Ruby circle as a part of my ministry, The white lilies, serves this set of women and men that society and sometimes the church neglect.

What advice do you have for Single mums?

Forgive, move on, never use your children as baits in the marital breakdown, save them the drama, personally trust and rely completely on God.

LagosMums Mum of the month
Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Integration? Does Work-Life Balance Exist?

While I do not believe there is anything called work-life balance; I do believe in work-life integration. I also advise that you find a way to include your children in your work life to reduce the guilt you feel as a working mum as well as to pass on the virtue of hard work.

How important is a support system for a mum?

The importance of a support system can’t be overemphasized. In my case, sometimes my mom comes to stay with my kids if I have to travel. Also I live in the same city with 3 of my sisters so they take turns in hanging out with my kids if I have to be away from home. In addition, my nanny and driver also are part of my system. All of them are part of my system making sure I don’t appear as an irresponsible mum.

Use one word to describe one thing that should not be missing from every home?


Share one self-care tip. How do you relax and spend time on yourself?

I don’t joke about my spa time. My facials and massages. I relax by reading books and spending time with my loved one, I very rarely watch TV.

As a Yummy Mummy – can you tell us how you stay stylish and your beauty routine

My beauty routine is very simple but I do invest in good skincare brands. For my face I use the enzyme cleanser by RavisheMd, I use dermaquest serums and Dr. Murad moisturizers. I am also stuck on using Clarins for my body. I stay stylish by going for comfort first, I never follow fashion.

What are the top three survival skills LagosMums need?

Sanity of mind.

Sound health.

Strong support system.

#MumGoals Trivia —-N1million or more sleep?

N1m…lol. But can they make it billion?

Go on a shopping spree or all expenses trip to your top destination

All expense trip.

Homeschooling or traditional school

Traditional school.

A spa day or Eat out?

Spa day


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