Morenike Olonisakin

LagosMums Mum Of The Month – Morenike Olonisakin

LagosMums loves to meet with different mothers to talk about motherhood, how they balance their various roles and more. Our LagosMums Mum of the Month is Morenike Olonisakin; mum, wife, Marketing manager at LagosMums, story writer and a social worker! She is a LagosMums Team member and she became a mum recently. We enjoyed talking with her as she shares how interesting her motherhood experience has been so far. We always learn when we read someone else’s story and they share their experiences with us. Enjoy!

Morenike Olonisakin

Please introduce yourself

My name is Morenike Olonisakin. The Sixth child of my Father, and the fourth of my mum. I am from a polygamous background. Studied Sociology and also Social works and Social administration from the University of Lagos, one of my greatest desire is to work with the UN and have a book with my name on it. I recently clocked 30, and I’m a new Mum to a beautiful and amazing baby girl.

How was your pregnancy? What didn’t you expect to experience but did?

Hmmm…to be honest and thankful my pregnancy journey was not too bad. One thing i expected (due to other mums experiences) was a bad 3 months morning sickness, i mean i had people telling me to brace myself because it was going to last for 3 months. Well thankfully mine lasted about 40 days as supposed to 90 days! Man would have died ke.

What was the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy

The most uncomfortable part was that thirst in my mouth, can’t really describe it, but if i don’t scrub my tongue morning and night i would throw up and spit, and it was like that for the whole nine months! That for me was uncomfortable.

How did you know it was time for baby to arrive

Well i didn’t. Although we were due that week. For me i guess it was just my instinct and when i felt a pop sound from sleep, it woke me up, even when i did not see the drum of water gush out as we see in movies, i just knew it was about to be show time! The way i woke my husband when he opened his eyes, no questions asked he knew “This is it”

How was the birth? what do you wish you had known before

I had virginal birth, which led to an episiotomy, the recovery process isn’t an easy one. Although my water broke at 4am. I was induced at 3:30 pm since i did not dilate as required. My Doctor was still going to wait for 4 more hours to see where i was so that they can induce me again. But as an Hebrew woman now, within 15 mins of inducement, i went into active labour, which lasted for an hour 30 mins after which I gave birth, but the 1 hour 30 mins seemed like forever. I can’t describe the pain. Had to ask my mum afterwards why she did not stop at one child. Lolz. Although i had a fantastic team for delivery, maybe i should have had a keener interest in epidural.

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Tell us about breastfeeding? any tips for new mums?

If the delivery pain wasn’t that excruciating as it were, i would have said sore nipples were!  Being a first time mum, i did not know how it was done, by the 3rd day i had very sore nipples! literally cried through each breastfeeding! Now its a different story, its is actually a heavenly experience. As a new mum don’t listen to the myths get and use whatever would make breastfeeding easy, be it lanolin cream.

How hands on is your husband

On a scale of 1/10 I would say 4/10. Very much a hands on husband, but I guess he hasn’t moved on into this train of parent-hood. Hopefully he gets on soon. I hear one’s husband is the best support system a woman can have.

Being a newly wed how has a baby changed your relationship.

Well. We literally sleep, smell, talk, and hear baby. But so much so it has even shown us love in another dimension. We are both still in awe of the blessing God has bestowed upon us.

How expensive are baby costs?

Very expensive! Everything is triple the price from before. So if you are a single/married lady out there, you see that beautiful baby, and you are like “awwwwwwn i can’t wait to have one” i would advice you to wait, and make sure you are “everything ready” before you “take a leap”.

Tell us some funny stories during your delivery

Lol. There was the part i removed the handle of the bed,  and the nurse was like “madam take it easy” I look at her angrily and said well you should have made the bed iron!

It got to a point I pointed up to the sky and said ” God I am sure this is not the way the Hebrew women gave birth o”

Also my husband kept adjusting my labour gown to cover me up in my mind I was like if I don’t warn this man he would continue inconveniencing me, so I took a few seconds turned to him, pointed at him and said desperately and sternly “stop covering me up”
Am sure he got the message because he never did it again.

I also remember that amongst the several thought going through my mind, there was one that just felt like if I run out of that labour room I would feel better, so fiam I brace myself to runaway. Thank God for my husband that held me down. If not I would have had a good marathon race. Am sure Usain Bolt would have been learning!

What has motherhood taught you

Wow! For this few weeks. That i am eternally responsible for someone, and never to depend on anyone. That also i have the major share of the responsibility of caring for my child. I think Motherhood has also cured my procrastination spirit. Haleluya!

What is the best way to use the maternity leave period.

Apart from bonding with your child, it should also be a time for yourself and your baby to prepare for after maternity leave- It is a difficult thing. No wonder God’s plan was that the woman should stay home to care for the children. The separation distress is real!

What makes LagosMums special?

For me the vision of LagosMums to help familes – mums especially, to build, protect and nurture their homes is what makes LagosMums special. As a single lady I was always fascinated with the contents and ideas. Now as a married woman, it has become a go to source for me to know about this Motherhood journey.

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