Financing the future

Financing The Future – Money Doesn’t Have A Gender

Money indeed does not have a gender. And this was discussed at length during The Financing The Future panel at LagosMums 5th Annual Parenting Conference And Exhibition.

This panel featured Arese Ugwu – The Smart Money Woman, Tosin Fowowe – highly sought-after Finance Coach/mentor, Bowale Agboade Entrepreneur and Founder of Kid Entrepreneurs and Tonye Orji who was the moderator.

It was a very educative and inspiring discussion as they talked about money matters related to women and families

See highlights below
1. Money doesn’t have a gender ????.

The responsibility to be a provider in the home has not been put on any gender. As a family, your watchword should be “We are all in this together”.

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life. You need to have a handle on your finances.

Financing the future

[Money Matters – Do You Have A Will]

2. Women need to be comfortable with making money work for them.

We need to also think about growing money not just making it to spend. They emphasized on how women business owners and entrepreneurs need to understand the numbers behind their business

On Parenting

Our children need to have the right attitude from a young age. Socialize them to have the right attitude to money early.

We need to change how we socialize our children (both boys and girls) when it comes to money because children need to learn the value of creating wealth.

Financing the future

Take them shopping and discuss prices of different products.

It is okay to give them allowances but also great to have them earn money for work done.

It is a good idea to have children learn to split money earned into 3 – to save/invest, spend and share.

Also, it is okay to let your children know that it’s a sacrifice you make to send them to a good school. They will value it more.

Children should get internships and part time jobs. When they learn to earn they are more careful with how they spend.

So many nuggets shared on this panel. CD’s for the whole panel session will be available soon at an affordable price. You can pre-order by sending a mail to [email protected].
Stay winning in a changing world

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