Mrs Nike Majekodunmi

LagosMums Mum Of The Month – Nike Majekodunmi

LagosMums loves to meet with different mothers to talk about motherhood, how they balance their various roles and more. Our LagosMums Mum of the Month is Nike Majekodunmi; mother, wife and business owner and we enjoyed talking with her! She is the founder of Nuts About Cakes, a bakery manufacturing company. We always learn when we read someone else’s story and they share their experiences with us.


Mrs Nike Majekodunmi

Who is Nike Majekodunmi?

I am the Founder and CEO of Nuts About Cakes, a bakery manufacturing company with a chain of bakery retail stores specializing in cakes, pastries and bread. I am passionate about helping other bakers grow and develop their businesses, so I also run a coaching program specific to young bakers called The Bakers Academy. In my spare time, I inspire other women through my blog to incorporate the softer side of being a woman to their day to day lives.

Tell us about your beautiful family?

I have been married for 11 years to Adefolu Majekodunmi and we have 3 beautiful children ages 9, 7 and 20 months.

Nike Majekodunmi

Tell us about your journey to motherhood? How has motherhood changed you?

My journey to motherhood has been a relatively smooth one, Thank God. I have always wanted 3 children and have been blessed with them. It has taught me to be more patient and has given me the greatest responsibility of all time. Knowing that these 3 depend on me for their happiness, survival and everything else can sometimes be daunting, but also it keeps me very much on my toes.

Can you tell us some of the funniest things your children have said to you?

Why, Why, Why? is the one thing every mother hears I’m sure. My daughter was once asked what she would like to be when she grows up and she said a Baker and a Mother just like my mum. I have to say, that is probably the sweetest and most touching thing I have ever heard.

Mrs Nike Majekodunmi

Tell us about your career journey and your entrepreneurship journey to creating Nuts about Cakes?

I have been in the bakery industry for over 10 years now, and it has had its ups and downs. I started in the kitchen at home as most young entrepreneurs do, and to the Glory of God we have opened a factory, 6 retail outlets and employ over 100 full time staff. A real Passion to Portfolio story.

I have found along the way that I have become more than an entrepreneur. I have become a business executive, a teacher, a coach, a mentor and an inspiration to other young women who would like to start on the entrepreneurial journey. And I have humbly embraced all my new roles gladly.

Mrs Nike Majekodunmi

Where can we find your products?

Nuts About Cakes products can be found in our various outlets in Lekki Phase 1, Victoria Island, Agungi, Gbagada and Oniru. We make premium bakery products that can be enjoyed by all. We also have a café and a training school in our flagship store in Lekki Phase 1.

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You are definitely a Yummy Mummy – can you tell us how you stay stylish and your beauty routine

My last baby really took a toll on my body. Getting back to size was one thing I was determined to accomplish. I tried lots of get thin quick diets, but the most sustainable of all was eating the right thing at the right time. AskDamz was a blessing for me and helped me to reduce the baby weight and maintain a weight that I am happy with.

For my facial routine, I have always been a Clinique user. I know different products work differently for people, but the basics of cleaning and cleansing the face morning and especially night time works for all.

Mrs Nike Majekodunmi


What support system do you have and how do you manage your career and raising a family? Is your husband a hands on dad?

My husband has been my rock in business and at home. He is a hands on dad, who is always ready to take the kids to school, question homework and get involved in after school activities. He is also the Chairman of Nuts About Cakes, so as you can imagine most nights we are discussing business strategy and implementation. In the earlier days of the business, he would stay up late with me wrapping cakes, and putting on finishing touches. A real Rockstar.

I also have a great team at work who play their role in their various departments so that I am able to focus on driving the business in the right direction. Building a structured organization has helped to free up time in my life.

I should also mention my team of nannies at home. I feel they are usually forgotten when people mention support system. If they were not capable, I would have a tough time juggling it all.

Mrs Nike Majekodunmi

Can you advise mums who are struggling to balance raising their families and winning in their businesses? Does Work Life Balance exist?

They say women can have it all, just not at the same time. For me, I have had to prioritise different things at different times. Sometimes work came first and sometimes family did. And I have also had to make a lot of sacrifices with my time. Women wear different hats, mum, wife, sister, friend, daughter and the list goes on.

One thing that is important to me is my time. Managing it wisely is the only way that I can juggle my life. Sometimes I am not the best friend or sister, but at that time, I am the best boss or mum. It’s a constant juggle. When one ball is up another by default has to be down. If I had to through them all up, It would all come crashing down eventually. So sometimes, when I get it wrong, which is often, I don’t beat myself up too much.

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Mrs Nike Majekodunmi

What has surprised you the most about motherhood – any myths debunked?

The myth that once you have your children, everything is complete. No one mentioned sleepless nights and school fees. Kids bring so much joy, but the joy has to be maintained with vested time, care, love, hard work and the list goes on.

How do you relax? What do you do for “me-time”?

I swim and I dance. For me, this is freedom and happiness rolled up together.

What is one thing that shouldn’t be missing from every home?

Hand sanitiser. But on a more serious note, laughter.

What makes #LagosMums special?

Connecting and empowering women, because we could all use a bit of help and support.


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