LagosMums Mum Of The Month- Shine Begho Usanga

Our LagosMums mum of the month is Shine Begho Usanga, a Media personality, Radio host, wife, and mum and we enjoyed talking with her. Read more about this amazing mum as she shares her pregnancy experience and her journey so far as a first-time mum.

Please tell us about yourself? And one unexpected thing about you?

My name is Shine Begho Usanga, I am a media personality, the host of the midday show on 102.3 Max FM Lagos, happily married to my best friend for 4 years and also a first time mum to an amazing baby girl. One thing you don’t see coming about me is that I can be really quiet when I want to be. I drop the crazy fun hat and put on the quiet, “leave me alone”  hat.

Shine Begho Usanga

Tell us about your beautiful family?

My family, we just the regular happy family which just grew from 2 to 3 now, my husband is a fashion designer and is also into IT. 

How was your pregnancy?

My pregnancy was great, this time around no complications, unlike the previous one where I had mild Eclampsia and lost my son 11 days after birth. But this pregnancy came with a lot of other things that I didn’t expect like Hemorrhoid, gush it was damn painful but it didn’t last, what lasted was rashes reaction on my inner thighs and my lady parts, very uncomfortable but after birth, it totally disappeared like it was never there.

I worked out from time all the way till I was 7 months then became lazy from month 8 to 9 and trust me working out during pregnancy has amazing advantages like 80 percent going back to your body immediately after birth.

Shine Begho Usanga

How did you know it was time for your baby to arrive?

Well for me it was already calculated. My doctor said he was not going to let me get to 40 weeks. He couldn’t let me fall into labor because of my previous complication. So, it was signed and sealed that at 38 weeks I was gonna have a c-section, which I looked forward to by the way because I was already tired of being pregnant, mostly because of the rashes discomfort.

How was the birthing process?

The birthing process was not fun at all. Of course, it was my 2nd time having a C-section section, but the Anastasia didn’t work for me. My spinal cord was not having it, so after almost 2 hours of trying without luck, the doctors decided to do what is called a GENERAL Damn! I felt every cut and every needle, it was horrific. I saw myself in 10 different dreams at once as if I was falling into a dark hole. Nothing prepared me for the GENERAL birthing.

Tell us about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding, wow! I looked forward to it but somewhere along the line during the first week I dreaded it. My daughter was not latching on well, so I had sore nipples which was not funny at all. She latches on well now, maybe because she is grown compared to her first week on earth.

Shine Begho Usanga

Do you have any tips for new mums?

Definitely.  If you are breastfeeding and having the nipple sore problem, just make sure your child latches on well by using his or her mouth to cover your areola while they suck. Don’t let your child tug at your nipple!

Can you share any funny incident that happened during your delivery?

When the nurses brought my daughter to my husband and I was still in the theater, he didn’t know how to handle her or even hold her. He was absolutely clueless, of course, any little thing he would scream NURSE!!!!

What has motherhood taught you so far?

The most important thing motherhood has taught me is to be calm at all times. It has also taught me to take each day as a learning process, so as to avoid mistakes.

How important is a support system for a mum?

A support system is very important to a mum. When I am clueless about anything regarding babies, I ask my mother in law or call my elder sister or friends and they tell me how they when through theirs. However, so far my greatest support system is my husband. He is always hands on deck when it comes to our little one.

Shine Begho Usanga

Use one word to describe one thing that should not be missing from every home?


How do you relax and spend time on yourself?

I relax and spend time on myself by watching Korean dramas and having a spa session. 

As a Yummy Mummy – can you tell us how you stayed stylish during your pregnancy?

I love that word yummy mummy lol! During my pregnancy, I stayed fit by working out early in the morning in my home gym for 30 minutes or more; before getting ready for work. This went on until I was 7 months gone. I also stayed stylish thanks to my husband who is a fashion designer @styledbyseth if he’s not making an outfit for me, he’s styling me with what’s in my wardrobe.

Shine Begho Usanga

What is the best way to use the maternity period?

Right now I’m using my maternity leave to bond with my daughter and get into the groove of being a mum

What do you love about LagosMums?

I love Lagosmums for helping mothers with information for infants, toddlers and grown up kids. Information is always key and I love that about the amazing Lagosmums brand. 

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○ N1million or more sleep?

1million oooooooooooooo lol!

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