Avocado Pasta Recipe LagosMums

Recipe – How To Make Avocado Pasta

Our recipe this week is how to make avocado pasta. It is easy to make and healthy. This is a meal that takes 15 minutes to make and the whole family can enjoy. Perfect for lunch or dinner, Best made with fresh avocados from your own garden.

Avocado Pasta Recipe LagosMums

 Spaghetti
 2 pc(s) Avocado
 2 pc(s) Garlic – 3 Bulbs
 2 tbsp.(s) Olive Oil
 1 pinch(es) Onion Powder
 1 pinch(es) Chili Powder
 3 pc(s) Sliced Bacon
 1 pc(s) Lemon
 1 teaspoon(s) Salt


 Cook the bacon in a pan until tender. Chop into bite-size pieces and set aside.

Boil the pasta according to instruction on the pack, drain and set aside.

 Pit the avocados and remove the skin. Place the avocado, olive oil, garlic, onion powder
in a food processor (or blender). Squeeze in 1 tablespoon of the lemon juice and add salt and chili to taste. Blend until smooth.
 Toss the pasta, avocado sauce and bacon together
 Serve and enjoy

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