Supporting Children Living With Cancer And Sickle Cell Disease! Get Ready For “Love And Pint” Blood Drive & Hangout On Saturday, July 28th

We see publicities and calls for volunteers to retreats, visits to orphanages and homes for Children with special needs.

We hear of booming calls to art shows, parties, fests and comedy shows.

Then my roaming mind is drawn back to the tragic incident of a few weeks back- the Tanker Explosion on the now popular Otedola Bridge.

We wailed and sank in thoughts of despair at the alarming loss of lives that day and the pain of those who lost dear ones and properties.

Perhaps more saddening was the helplessness of each person viewing from either the screens of devices or live before their eyes.LOVE & PINT Children

There was nothing we could do to save those lives or relief their pains.

“It could have been prevented. The government should ban tankers from moving in broad daylight.” Those words were the anthem of many Nigerians at the time.

It could have been PREVENTED!

Please hold dear to that word- PREVENTED!

Please let’s close that tragic scene and open another!

Now, as each minute and hour and day passes by, a mother cries for the loss of her child, a child groans in repeated episodes of severe crises.

These pains and sufferings don’t get the attention of the media; they don’t stir our emotions or grief because they’re happening in some corners of the world!

But you know what?

This one, we can PREVENT! This one doesn’t need the government, this one needs YOU!

It’s a gift that gets no public admiration; you don’t see Instagram pages for it. You can’t send out account numbers to request for donations because it cannot be bought.

It’s live; it’s hope, its relief!

It’s BLOOD!LOVE & PINT Children

Restructure Africa is organizing a blood drive and hangout in partnership with ‘Lagos University Teaching Hospital’ and the ‘Lagos state Blood Transfusion Committee’ to prevent the deaths of children living with ‘Cancer and Sickle cell diseases. The goal is to generate 1000 pints of blood.

There will be loads of Games, Food, Shopping, Music, Body & Face Painting, Live Graffiti, Art Exhibitions, Guest Celebrity Appearances and a lot more!

DATE: 28TH OF JULY, 2018




Interested in being a donor? Kindly fill the form in the link.

Love is a verb. Together we can do much more.

For enquiries, volunteering, sponsorships and stall bookings,

Kindly mail: [email protected] or Call: +2348022415847, +2348087431486,

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